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Living with roommates can be a good or bad experience depending on the people involved and season one of #LoveMyRoomie proved that while different personalities can be a recipe for disaster, the result can include more fun and laughter. However, that’s all going to change when the critically acclaimed web series returns for a second season this Fall. Written and directed by Yhá Mourhia Wright, #LoveMyRoomie returns “still beaming from a successfully challenging first season.” Season one followed New York City roommates Giselle, U’Moriah, and Yasmine, who “come together” to create a web series that showcases their lives as artists in NYC. The three women are forced to attempt to cope with their differing personalities and interests while having to live in very close quarters in their two bedroom apartment.

Wright was inspired to expand and rebrand the show in an entirely new direction after she rediscovered her passion in taking ownership of the space and stories she was telling. Now, nearly a year later, season two of #LoveMyRoomie(#LMR2) is “a provocative digital miniseries about three young, black women in NYC who are juggling their careers and personal pursuits. Giselle(Wright), a budding socialite, is engulfed in the pursuit of her appearances while U’Moriah(Ashley Versher) finds herself on the brink of her own sexual freedom much later than her 20-something counterparts. Yasmine(Katherine George) is an Afro-Latina caught in a world which both tries to define her and which she is determined to challenge as she pursues higher education but is pulled in the direction of her family.

#LoveMyRoomie Season 2 delves much deeper into the mental, financial, and societal pressures that these three women face as they grapple with the tug-of-war in life as they attempt to establish their independence during an age of self-discovery. These stories shed light on the challenges that women millennial of the African diaspora face. Together and a part, these three women are fighting for their lives, in a world that so often feels like it is not fighting for them in return.

After being a fan of the comedic first season, I was shocked after watching the season two trailer for #LoveMyRoomie and how much of a change its going to be. However, I believe the new direction of the show is going to be great. The new season will definitely show the struggles each girl goes through and the fans/viewers can possibly relate. From the looks of the trailer, Giselle & U’Moriah might be going through some trials & tribulations in love while Yasmine deals with family drama. In all, I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds and to find out if all three ladies have a happy ending…or not.

Check out the trailer for season two of #LoveMyRoomie below and be sure to visit YháWright Productions’ official website for more information by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: YouTube(#LoveMyRoomie)

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