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From Enough to What’s Love Got to Do with It?, there have been many popular films focusing on domestic violence and another one to add to the list is Un.Sound. Directed, starring, and edited by Elisha Williams, Un.Sound is a short film about “a young woman name Stacy(Williams) and her young son, Myles(Dwayne Cortledge II), during their everyday life of being abused by her boyfriend Carter(DeJarvis Leonard II). This is a continuous cycle until one day where EVERYTHING takes an unexpected turn.” Besides Williams, Cortledge II, and Leonard II, Un.Sound also features Tikira Livingston, Paris Jones, Sheila Williams, and Shunta Dunn, as well as many other women featured towards the end of the short film.

According to Williams, Un.Sound is her first production shot on her cellular device and it is a silent film that “speaks so much volume for the silent and sheds light on the reality of what someone who goes through DV faces. Not just the abuse, but what happens when you still have to care for your children. What do you say when the school is calling you because your baby is exhausted from the late night escape the night before? What do you say when your family is questioning you and the work place is threatening to fire you? What happens when you finally gain strength to stand up?”

After watching Un.Sound, I instantly wondered about the authenticity of Williams’ statement that she filmed the entire project on her cellular device because the quality is great! Besides that, the content is definitely eye opening and keeps you interested until the very end to find out what happens to Stacy. Williams does a fantastic job of showing the intensity of domestic violence while also providing some sort of hope. She provides the audience with the reassurance that anyone going through domestic violence CAN become a SURVIVOR and follow their dreams.

Un.Sound has received an enormous amount of critical acclaim from viewers and even reached one million views on Facebook after its initial upload in August. Check out Elisha Williams’ Un.Sound below.

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Photo Credit: Elisha Williams/Un.Sound

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