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While the rap game is predominately male oriented, there are many female rappers who are reigning supreme. From Remy Ma and Cardi B to Nicki Minaj, many female rappers are making a name for themselves and another talented rapper to be on the lookout for is T Barz. According to her bio, “Born in Mobile, Alabahma, T Barz realized her gift of writing in 2009 when she started writing poems which turned into spoken word that she performed at local functions. T Barz is a multi-talented artist with paid skills in acting and dancing with styles in Hip Hop and Lyrical.”

Via the BSE Recording imprint, T Barz’s debut single is “Flexin,” which she co-wrote and produced with singer Arika Kane and Lou Humphrey. The song is “already creating buzz at radio stations across the country, especially in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama.” “Flexin” has doing pretty well with the record “#1 on Amazon’s Hottest New Releases(Rap/Hip-hop), #3 Amazon’s Best Seller’s list(Rap/Hip-hop) and #10 Amazon’s Hot New Releases Top 100.”

Check out my interview with T Barz where she discusses “Flexin,” what fans can expect from her upcoming EP, what’s next for her, and more below, along with a listen to “Flexin” right after.

1-How did your stage name, T Barz, come about?

Started off as Felecia T, but in songs & on stage, I would say Barz behind that. Fellow rappers & people around me started as well and would call me T Barz or Felecia T Barz. So, I decided that Barz definitely should be in my name because that’s what I deliver so I took the first letter of my last name, put Barz on the end, dropped my first name, and you got T Barz.


2-Who are your musical inspirations?

As far as dance wise from childhood, I used to watch Missy Elliot, Usher & Aaliyah. That’s how I taught myself hip hop dance. Lyrically, I grew up listening to Eve, MC Lyte, Common, Biggie, Mos Def, Foxy Brown, 2pac, Jadakis to name a few. Now, I listen to more R&B than anything but definitely listen to Rick Ross, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Saroc, Missy, Tink, Bryson Tiller & a few more.


3-If you had the chance to collaborate with one current artist, who would it be?

Rick Ross because I know it would be a hit. His sound is crazy to me…or Eve, those are my top 2. Eve is a pitbull with it & that’s how I go in on a track. I think that type of lyrical collaboration hasn’t happened in a while with female rappers.


4-“Flexin” is your first single. How did you come up with the song?

I knew I wanted a beat that was UP & had a trap feel to it so when I heard the beat, it basically wrote itself. I had the hook already written that I was gonna use for another track but when I heard it, I knew I wanted to use the hook & every bar came back to back after that.


5-Your single has been getting a lot of airplay. How does it feel to hear your song on the radio?

Feels good–I think it will really kick in once I can just turn the radio on & it’s playing consistently.

6-How was it filming your first music video, “Flexin?

I’ve actually shot a couple videos before. “Flexin” was actually the last video I shot but to be the first video people get to see as an introduction to me, it was fun. This was the first video I’ve danced in so that was fun in itself.


7-What was your favorite scene to film from the music video?

I would say my dance scene.


8-What can fans expect from your debut EP?

Variety. You will dance, vibe & really hear some lyrical content speaking truth & telling real life stories. It will definitely be a track on here for every listener.

9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a rap career?

Be serious & be patient, stay out the way of the BS & make music that makes you happy. Put in as much work as you can & gain a business mind if you don’t have it already.


10-What is NEXT for T Barz?

Everything. Shows, TV, dance, acting…I want to do it all and give my supporters & the world a female lyricist they haven’t seen in a while.

VISIT T Barz’s official website, FOLLOW her on Twitter, LIKE her on Facebook, and FOLLOW her on Instagram.

Photo Credit: T Barz’s official website



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