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Last November, Black Talent TV attended the 3rd annual NYC Web Fest and in true New York fashion, the event was filled with nothing but glitz, glam, and talent! Following fantastic screenings of official selections, the NYC Web Fest followed with a red carpet, award ceremony, and after party. Black Talent TV covered the red carpet alongside WebVee Guide and met so many talented individuals like the cast of Trap Plane, Brittany & Mary of Series-ly Podcast, and Georgette Pierre. Among the winners of the night were Trap Plane for Best Drama and Katie Maguire & Catherine Callahan of L.I. Divas for Outstanding Achievement in Writing.

For those who don’t know, the NYC Web Fest was a festival founded by Lauren Atkins in 2014 that “brings together a multifaceted diverse group of people from around the world to showcase the best of the web.” The festival strives to become “the premiere home for digital producers on an international level.” Cape Town born & Toronto raised Atkins salutes the NYC Web Fest for serving “a community as diverse as the city that hosts it.”

With the 4th annual festival taking place from November 9 to the 11 at the Peoples Improv Theatre in Manhattan, the official selections and nominees were recently announced. Among the official selections for the 2017 NYC Web Fest are Mistake, 5Knives, and Frank & Lamar. Written by Nicolette Ellis, Mistake follows the Wright family who, troubled by the death of Melissa Wright’s mother, go through unforeseen obstacles that begin to hinder all of their family relations. While this is occurring, the Love family enters their lives.

Written and directed by Kar Logan, 5Knives follows five friends who, with a hangover, wake up after a wild party to discover the dead body of a dear friend in the apartment. Last but not least, Frank & Lamar focuses on two best friends who live together and work together as middle school teachers in New York City where workplace drama and romance issues cause havoc on their friendship. Frank & Lamar is created by and starring Carl Foreman Jr. and Anthony Gaskins. To view the other selections for the 2017 NYC Web Fest via CelebMix, click HERE.

As far as the nominations, 5 Knives is nominated for Best Mystery/Thriller alongside other projects like Seltsam, We all wanted to kill the president, Girt By Fear, and Charon. Frank & Lamar is nominated for Best Comedy while Foreman Jr. & Gaskins are nominated for both Outstanding Achievement Writing and Best Dynamic Duo. To view the rest of the categories and nominees, click HERE.

Check out the official trailer for the 2017 NYC Web Fest, which takes place from November 9 to the 11 at the Peoples Improv Theatre in Manhattan, below.

VISIT the NYC Web Fest official website, FOLLOW the festival on Twitter, and FOLLOW the festival on Instagram.

Photo Credit: NYC Web Fest

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