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For most of us, we were taught that being “bad” isn’t a good thing and can have consequences. However, being “bad” has its way of being good and one example of this is the Bad Web Series. Written & directed by Ronal Goff and Brandon Hairston, the mastermind behind the award-winning web series D.C. Yuppies, Bad Web Series “is a scripted parody that follows a group of black suburbanites through drama that could either strengthen their long-lasting ties or ultimately tear them apart.” Bad Web Series stars Alonzo Hatton, Thembi Watson, Brad Watson, and both Karen Elle & Toks Oriola from D.C. Yuppies as Tony, LaTayvion, Greg, Shay, and Jessica. Hairston also appears in the series premiere.

On top of the main plot surrounding the group of friends, the subplot of Bad Web Series will also parody the web series genre. “From the season opening mid-scene character switch, it’s clear that the subplot comically brings Hairston’s and Goff’s production lessons learned to the forefront, making this a hit for filmmakers and audiences alike. The web series community will find familiarity in the production don’ts being put on blast, and web series enthusiasts will enjoy the hilariously overacted storylines.”

After watching the first episode, it’s clear that Bad Web Series makes bad look REALLY good because I could NOT stop laughing. From the lighting in the bedroom to Hairston’s line error, Bad Web Series is a MUST SEE web series. I also believe it’ll be relatable to others who have struggled in their creation of web series that literally start from scratch. Elle was fantastic as Shay and even Hairston did a good job but Hatton’s takeover was well needed for the actual premise of the episode. While the first episode only had two of the main characters, I’m excited to meet the other three in the next few episodes as I’m sure they’ll be just as funny as the first two.

Check out episode one(titled “Pilot”) of Bad Web Series below where tension comes to a head when Shay decides to have a night on the town with the girls instead of time with her boyfriend, Tony.

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