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While some fancy sneakers, others become so overjoyed that they can eventually become sneakerheads. From limitless collections to knowledge of sneaker release dates, sneakerheads are somewhat experts in sneaker culture and a new web series focusing on them is Sole Kings.  Created, written, and directed by Michael A. Pinckney(Precious, Inside Man), Sole Kings “follows the lives of five entrepreneurial sneaker enthusiasts, as they hustle their way through the world of sneaker culture, while trying to define who they are and make a name for themselves in the city’s competitive sneaker game. The series offers endless storylines filled with an array of colorful characters from collectors, to resellers, to sneaker lovers, to OG’s, and to hype beasts.”

All episodes of Sole Kings are featured on BRIC TV, the Emmy award-winning cable TV and digital network reflecting the best that Brooklyn has to offer. BRIC TV has received “19 nominations for the 60th Annual New York Emmy® Awards, the 10th most-nominated organization overall, tied with WNYW–FOX 5.” Sole Kings stars Julito McCullum(The Wire), Nashawn Kearse(Desperate Housewives), Guyviaud Joseph(Power), William Lex Ham, Steven Fernandez, Ohene Corneulius, and Kayla Sutherland.

After watching two episodes of Sole Kings, I am HOOKED! The first initial scene of the pilot episode instantly grabs you with the mystery of the meet up between McCullum & Ham’s characters while the end leaves you interested to see what the characters will do next. I couldn’t believe what Ham’s character did in the scene but McCullum’s reaction was hilarious! The multiple shots of Brooklyn and NY in general are fantastic and add to the realness of the show’s location. I cannot wait to binge the rest of the season and see what happens to the rest of the characters within the sneaker culture.

Check out episode one of Sole Kings below and then binge all of season one on BRIC TV by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Sole Kings/Michael Pinckney/BRIC TV


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