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With all of the recent headlines in the sports world, one interesting web series spotlights the opinions of sports fans but in a different way. Created, directed, and produced by Brooklyn based sports video journalist and content creator Dexter Henry, The Sports Walk is a web series where diverse sports fans take a walk & share their views at the intersection of sports & society. Besides various sports fans, professional athletes, such as Isaiah Whitehead & Niki Avery, will talking about social issues intertwined with sports including sexism, racism, and homophobia. The Sports Walk was recently an official selection at the 2017 NYC Web Fest.

After watching the first few episodes of The Sports Walk, I found myself digging the whole essence of the show. Each person expresses their opinions on certain topics with such ease that the words just naturally roll off their tongues. In addition to the opinions of the selected individual, I also love the multiple views of the location, which is mostly Brooklyn, NY. Henry, who is also the founder of Backpack Broadcasting, is a genius with this web series because it can be a long lasting project! There’s always going to be newsworthy moments in sports and The Sports Walk will be that go-to show for every sports fan to see what other sports fans think.

In the first episode of The Sports Walk, aspiring sports Journalist and host of The Starting Line Naomi Grey takes a walk around Borough Park, Brooklyn. She shares her thoughts on being a black female journalist, respect for women in sports, Colin Kaepernick not having a job in the NFL, and other topics. Check out the pilot episode of The Sports Walk below and view more episodes by clicking HERE.

VISIT Backpack Broadcasting’s official website, FOLLOW The Sports Walk on Twitter, and FOLLOW the show on Instagram.

Photo Credit: YouTube(The Sports Walk/Backpack Broadcasting)

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