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With success in LA and Miami, E!’s WAGS series is expanding with the addition of a new city—Atlanta! Set to premiere in January, WAGS: Atlanta will follow the professional and personal lives of several Atlanta based wives and girlfriends, as well as their fun-loving sisterhood. This close-knit group of women are “living their ‘high class’ lives unapologetically in the most exclusive communities while also juggling careers, friendships, and the Atlanta social scene” and one WAG that’s sure to be a fan favorite is Sincerely Ward.

According to her E! bio, Sincerely is “the cousin of retired football player Derrick Ward. Sincerely is a single lady but has been previously linked to several football and basketball players, but athletes are not the only ballers Sincerely is attracted to, having dated owners of private airlines, gas companies, and luxury jewelry designers. Sincerely owns several holistic spas and designs and runs her own resort wear collection.” She is also no stranger to reality TV, having been on Bravo’s The New Atlanta and WeTV’s Match Made in Heaven.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sincerely, who also appeared in a few episodes of WAGS: Miami. Check out my interview with Sincerely Ward where she discusses her businesses(Clean Start and JetSet Culture), WAGS: Atlanta, what fans can expect from the show, and more below.


1-Growing up, did you always want to be on TV in some way? 

No, it was never my goal. Growing up, people always focused on my height and said that I should model so I always thought that could potentially be a path or either radio like my parents—both of my parents are radio personalities. In high school, I was deeply involved in the band and honor orchestra. I become very accomplished and sought after, since I was the only black female Bassoon player in the south east. So if I wasn’t doing this right now, I would be a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. 


2-How did you come up with Clean Start Holistic Spa and JetSet Culture?

Clean Start was the brain child of my business partner, Candace Stevenson, as her parents owned an herb shop when she was growing up. She approached me to be an investor. The more I learned about the business, the more I was intrigued and excited to sell people products & services that are actually good for them! And here we are, multiple locations later!

JetSet Culture was actually started as an import/export company because I wanted to get into the business of shipping containers overseas. I decided to try a product that I was familiar with, which were clothes! I was in Dubai at the time and a lot of girlfriends were asking me about the beautiful Kaftans and robes I was wearing. Lots of women asked me to bring them some back. That was my “aha” moment! There was a demand for these particular garments that were so exotic and unique. I recognized a niche market and decided to explore that more. That’s how JetSet Culture was born! 


3-You were part of Bravo’s The New Atlanta. How was that experience?

It was quite an experience! I learned a lot about the politics of TV that a person doesn’t see behind the scenes and how it would affect the outcome of a show. I was supposed to be the main character but because I wouldn’t fight any of the girls on my show, the executive producer called me the day before the promos dropped and told me I would not be in the promo pics for the show. They replaced me with a photoshopped pillow! I was devastated to say the least—especially to have put so much work, time, & energy into something and think my life was going to change…and it only went for one season. I don’t feel like they put the effort or energy into The New Atlanta because they were putting more energy into their other show on the same production company, which turned out to be the infamous Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s first season. It taught me to remain humble and you never know what God has in store for you so keep pushing! 

4-You were also a contestant on WeTV’s Match Made in Heaven. How did you become part of the show?

For the record- I NEVER audition or look to be on these shows; I always get a phone call because people refer me. Anissa Palmer, a casting agent out in LA that I used to work with, gave the producers my number & let them know I would be a perfect fit! I turned the show down 2 times… but they kept calling back with significant monetary offers so the rest is history. Plus, I met a friend for life in Stevie Baggs! So it all worked out.


5-How did you become part of WAGS: Atlanta?

A friend of mine named London gave me a call and asked if I was interested going on as her friend. I said “why not?”  I also later learned that Hencha from the WAGS: Miami franchise always brought my name up to the producers when they were inquiring about potential Atlanta cast members—so they were already aware of who I was; although my friend London didn’t make the final cut, I was still able to bring on a another friend of mine, Telli. I got her and her boyfriend, Deontay Wilder, casted on the show as well. Fun fact: At that point, I had been approached with being the first black bachelorette so I had to make a decision between shows! I chose E! because I was offered more seasons and the bachelorette show was more so a “one and done” type of deal.

6-What can fans expect from the show?

They can expect the Atlanta girls to BRING IT!!! We are classy yet still get to it! A few scandals will be brought to light….bonds will be made… sisterhoods will be explored… and no one is shy when it comes to putting people we have problems with in check. Fun activities, flashy cars, beautiful homes, luxurious lifestyles, our families and our businesses will be highlighted. 


7-Every reality cast member has a specific role over the course of the show. What will your role be on WAGS: Atlanta?

That’s a good question! I’ll say I’m probably more so the comic relief! You can always expect vibrant energy, fun, laughter, and a little shade disguised as a joke coming from me! I’m the single socialite jokester! 


8-If you had the chance to be on either WAGS: LA or WAGS: Miami, which would you join?

Hmmm, that’s hard because I have friends on both shows! But probably Miami because it’s close to Atlanta, I co own a business there, and I love me some Darnell, Hencha, and Ashley!


9-What do you hope viewers will understand about you from watching the show?

I did my best to be vulnerable and open so that people can relate to me. I hope they will understand that I’m not someone who likes to be taken for granted. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, I take my friendships very seriously, and I am not a dishonest person. 


10-What is NEXT for Sincerely Ward?

Next—I’m going to Disney Land!!! Lol, no seriously though, I’ll take my JetSet culture brand to new international levels, continue making smart investments, and ultimately end up with my own travel or talk show! I hope to go on one day to being a producer and working behind the scenes to bring other people’s visions and stories to life. Kind of like Tracy Edmonds! She’s my role model. Continue working on being the best ME possible, providing for my family, and incorporate some mentoring & philanthropic efforts along the way.


VISIT Sincerely Ward’s official website, FOLLOW her on Twitter, and FOLLOW her on Instagram.

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