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After a successful first season full of fireworks, Lester “NewNue” MathewsThe Circle: NYC returned for a new season with two times the drama and twice the hustle. In season two of the reality web series, original cast members Travis(Actor), Damien(Singer), and NewNue(Filmmaker/YouTube Personality) were joined by newcomers Carlos(Makeup Artist), Paris(Entertainer/Exotic Dancer), Julius(Promoter), and Melli B(Rapper). Seven(Filmmaker) also joined The Circle: NYC in a recurring capacity. The sophomore season focused on the talents of 7 gay men living in New York City as they attempt to work together on media, community, and social projects, all while following their dreams in the big city. Binge season one AND season two HERE.

The Circle: NYC is set to have a reunion and NewNue is offering a prize to the top five viewers/fans who submit the best questions for the reunion. For more information, click HERE. In preparation for the impending reunion, below is Black Talent TV’s top five moments from season two of The Circle: NYC below.


5-Event Planning Gone Wrong: Carlos vs. Melli B

When Carlos initially inquired about using Jeff, Melli B’s friend, in a music video for one of his clients, there was mostly good vibes between both parties. However, the whole vibe changed when things fell through and Jeff was NOT in the music video. Despite their attempt to move on from the situation, there was still tension between Melli B & Carlos. Not too long after, the tension came to a head when most of the group met at the GMAD Organization in Brooklyn, NY to come up with an idea for an event for the LGBTQ community. NewNue decided to bring up the disastrous PSA event he did and Carlos & Melli B began a war of words that even resulted in some yelling. Check out the intense encounter below.  


4-Open Mic Night: Paris & Melli B Perform

Julius hosted an open mic night at a nightclub and he invites everyone from the cast. Unbeknownst to him, Paris is signed up to perform by Julius and although he might’ve been a bit apprehensive at first, he decided to go up on stage and sing. Singing Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work,” Paris did an AMAZING job. He has a nice voice and did Maxwell proud. After a few more performers, Melli B was up and he performed his original song, “Let’s Get It.” He did a fantastic job and even had some of the crowd bobbing their heads. Check out both performances and more below.  


3-Date Night in the City: Damien & Julius

From the moment they met in Philadelphia, there was chemistry between Damien & Julius. They eventually went out on a date three episodes later and sparks were flying! The conversation flowed effortlessly and both men made each other laugh at different times. At the end of the date, Damien & Julius shared a kiss and both were all smiles about it. To find out what both men actually talked about while on the date, view the episode below.


2-PSA Gone Wrong: Travis vs. Melli B

Travis & Melli B’s feud started from the very first episode of this season. NewNue told Melli B that Travis(and Damien) didn’t have too many nice words to say about his event last season ON CAMERA. From then on, Melli B wasn’t too fond of Travis and the two had an intense argument during a PSA that NewNue organized. Things got so out of hand that it almost looked like both men were going to come to blows. To check out how intense the argument was, check out the episode below.


1-The Season Finale: D-R-A-M-A

While the whole season was great, the season finale of The Circle: NYC was AMAZING! The episode started off where the previous one left off where only two members of the cast showed up to NewNue’s screening for his film, The Commute. Unfortunately, the two that came were Melli B & Damien and while the latter tried to keep things positive, he decided to bring up Melli B’s radio interview where he talked about some of the cast members, including Damien. Things got heated and then NewNue & Melli B started arguing. Also, Julius informs Carlos & Travis on his date with Damien and what Melli B had said about them in the previous episode. In addition to these moments, Melli B showcased his company, Lemon Brands, with a photoshoot and Damien performed “Take Care” & “Get Yo S*** Together” in Atlanta. Check out the entire final by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: YouTube(The Circle: NYC/YBN Entertainment)

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