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 Chiquitad Dennie wrote the script for Invisible in one day and filmed in one day with a small crew of about 11 people, mostly women.  The film was completed in a total of 8 minutes and 43 seconds. Directed, Written, and Produced under Harrell Street Films her own production company. “Invisible” details the 10hrs after the shooting of Jonathan Spencer by police and witnessed by his brother Anthony Spencer. The entire day is about the griefing process a family goes through when the media and social media spotlight is gone. We open the scene with Anthony looking into the mirror washing his face and preparing to go to the funeral home. Then takes a call from one of his best friends and leaves out toward the funeral home. We then cut to Anthony returning home and speaking to his mother and reminiscing about his brother. The final scene is Anthony saying the dialog of Invisible into the camera.

Invisible Lead VonDexter Montegutt II




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