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Sharrie McCain was born in Baltimore, Md. She graduated from Coppin Academy High school in 2009. She graduated from West Virginia State in May of 2013 to continue to work on her careers. She writes TV shows, short movies and plays. She is an Actress, writer, and Producer. Sharrie started working on her careers since she was the age of 11 and hasn’t stop chasing her dreams. (Source: IMBD)

 What life experience inspired you to be an actor, writer and producer?
Growing up in Baltimore I have seen so much walking through the streets. I write my stories from personal experience I have seen or went through. I takes me time to write a script because I have to find inspiration to tell that story. As for the producing expect i like to look over the project as a whole. I had flaws on my projects in the past but I am learning to be business from now and have patience. Acting I love to perform and invest in the character. I love to find connections from my personal life to find the back story of the character. I use to just go on set and just not know the character background but because I take my craft more serious now I break down the character I’m playing . 
What has been your most challenging project and why?
The most challenging project I had to do was honestly any lead role I have played. It’s more lines and you have to help lead the story. I’m just learning how to be lead . Though I played many lead characters I still get frustrated because I want to serve the project justice. I think proper sleep is needed when I play these roles because everyone is counting on you to drive the ship on project. if exhausted it will affect how your performance. 
As for filmmaking my projects I know I’m not a perfect filmmaker but I believe in my stories. I believe in the actors and crew I hire to help bring our story to life . 
Share with us a character role you have played that helped you to grow as an actor and how did it helped you to grow.
Honestly any role I played in the past and present has helped me grow as an artist. Each story and character is different. These characters I played helped me grow because they was brave, confident, and not me. So I take a life lesson from each character to carry with me on my acting journey. 
What directors would you like to work with in the future and why?
I would love to work under Ava DuVernay, Robin Wright, and John Singleton. Those three really bring original art to life . They so passionate and humble. They see the best in their characters and bring out the best in their actors. 
Out of the 3 roles of acting, producing and writing, which one has moved your career forward and how?
I would say all three. Since the first time I had speaking roles on tv shows networking with many people has help me stay on set because of my work ethic and I’m always eager to learn something new.  For writing and producing this the first time I’m actually winning awards/nominations with my team. My team has fussed me out so many times because of the script and stuff. It was for a reason. They just wanted the best for the project and I need to get a kick in the butt. Now I’m serious and taking my time with everything . 
What opportunities do you see for black filmmakers?
As a black filmmaker I would say a (diverse  filmmaker )! All because we get to tell stories that Hollywood would not produce. I like to work with a diverse cast and tell diverse stories. It’s important to be real and honest and stay true to yourself. Be original as possible. 
If you were coaching a group of actors, what are the 3 main points  you would share to help then further their careers? 
1. Never overthink. I can’t tell you how many time I overthought to myself when knowing my lines to my own performance .
2. Be humble. You have to be greateful for every opportunity. Nothing is handed to you and you should work hard for it . 
3. Always be willing to learn. You can be a veteran actor and still need to be willing to learn. Be patient and learn to listen . 
What are you working on next?
Right now for acting I have so many independent projects I will be In from short films to features in 2018. Hopefully more TV roles soon.  In 2017 I been blessed but I think I’m on break for a minute.  It’s holiday season I will use this time to read scripts and practice reading for co-star and guest roles. You have to stay sharp and ready. I will also plan to look for an agent or manager so marketing tools is another focus. As for filmmaking, I’m just editing projects and writing more stories .
Share with us any inspiration for other filmmakers.
Please learn the business side . Be able to take feedback and criticism. Every filmmaker should just tell their story the right way. Get a nice crew. Invest in your projects because they have to look good. Don’t shoot a film if it’s not ready. Always be willing to listen to your team. At the end you will see the results and rewards. 
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