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Meet Chris Greene

Actor/Director Chris Greene was born in Mount Vernon and raised in Yonkers, NY.  Like many Actors, Chris found himself between two homes at a young age after his parents separated. Though this was a tough transition for him, Chris dealt with things the best way he knew how…by entertaining an audience!  

In school, his teachers would label his progress reports with “good student, but very talkative” and “loves to entertain the class”.  To help Chris use that energy in a more constructive way, his parents got him involved with music and he began performing, as a drummer, with the school’s band until graduating high school.  He would earn a musical scholarship and attended Winston Salem State University in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  It was at WSSU’s neighboring college, The North Carolina School of the Arts, where Chris found his love for acting.  His first gig was on an independent film, Chicks 101.  The director bumped Chris from a background to a featured extra because of Chris’ stand out personality and from that moment on, Chris focused his sights on becoming an full time actor! 

With over 15 years of experience, Chris has appeared in everything from commercials for AT&T, Publix and Chevy to feature films and television shows working opposite the likes of Nate Parker, Joel Edgerton, Colman Domingo, Bill CobbNick Offerman, Hugh Laurie, Elizabeth Rodriguez and many others!  Chris has also worked for award nominated and winning Directors like John Lee Hancock, Carl Franklin, Donald Glover & Jeff Nichols

Chris’ experience as a Director/Producer spans six years under his production company, Detour Entertainment, LLC., where he is working to help new Actors and Filmmakers reach their own level of success in the entertainment industry. 

Aside from spending time with his daughter Zoé, who has also taken to acting, he coaches actors on the importance of having a positive and educated lifestyle within the industry through his organization The LOAA, Life of an Actor!


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