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This winter, Thursdays are going to be themed #ThroughItAllThursdays with a new web series that’s sure to keep viewers coming back for more. Written, directed, and produced by D’Anthony Ward, Through It All began as a short film released in 2016 that went on to win multiple film festivals and has now evolved into a six episode web series that premiered in late 2017. According to Ward, Through It All is “extremely twisted, very dynamic and well structured so that the audience will ask the right questions.”

With new episodes premiering on Thursdays, Through It All follows Nikki, a manipulating woman with an obsession for getting men to propose, then taking the ring and leaving town. We learn how deep rooted this obsession is when she tries to do better and turn her things around. Per IMDb, “Old habits start to kick back in just when she thinks that she is a nice wholesome person. But this time, her charismatic personality may not be able to get her out of this bed that she has made for herself. She learns that someone always knows someone that knows someone.” Through It All stars Catherine Luciani, Rob Cervantes, A.J. Lovelace, Dashawn Singleton, and Ky Lewis.

As a fan of the short film, I was very excited to find out about the web series version of Through It All. After watching the first episode, I commend Ward for progressing Nikki as a character. In the short film, it seemed like Nikki was nothing but a devious woman who just wanted the ring and didn’t care about the feelings of the men she was leaving behind. However, the web series gives Nikki some depth and even a heart. I’m excited to see how this story ends and what Nikki will do—change for the better or keep thieving men?

Check out the first episode of Through It All below and be sure to watch more episodes EVERY Thursday by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: D’Anthony Ward/Through It All/Tony Captured Films

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