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Black Lightning makes a strong debut on Tuesday night with the CW network raking in over 2.3 million viewers making Black Lightning a series that delivers, Critics hailed the show as fresh, poignant, powerful and electrifying. Cress Willams who plays the shows lead (and whom you might recognize as scooter from the popular 90s show Living Single) excels as the retired superhero who comes out of retirement after his daughter shows a strong hunger towards a treacherous gang led my Black Lightening’s nemesis. The shows expertly blends social justice and responsibility with a fresh, and grounded take on a superhero series. Black Lightning also offers a much need dose of diversity to the CW lineup with a different point of view that helps it stand out from all of the other superhero’s shows on the CW. So here’s to Black Lightning and to many more episodes and hopefully seasons to come.

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