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For some, turning 30 equals the end of youth and the beginning of a more serious life. As a result, certain individuals are frightened by the transition and end up having a quarter life crisis such as the main character in a new web series. Executive produced by Corey Pratt & directed by Emmy Award winning Jerod Couch, #WASHED follows Mark Fields(Pratt) as he wakes up on his 30th birthday in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. Feeling #WASHED, Mark commences to chase his youth while his future slips away. According to Couch, “#WASHED is not only a combination of our life experiences but also everyone in our generation struggling with saying farewell to their 20’s. Added by Pratt, “It’s the realization that a hangover isn’t just a few hours on Saturday, it’s a few days.”

The cast of #WASHED is comprises of a mix of talented actors and actresses including Nadirah Shakir, Jarric Tucker, Byron Hardy, Ashlee Lee, Kenneth Horne, and Jaquai Wade as Mya, Barry, Eric, Carmen, John, and Amber, among many other talented individuals. Jerod concluded that they would like #WASHED to be a continuation of a genre that’s been made popular by the “ultra-talented” Issa Rae with Insecure and Donald Glover’s Atlanta. So far, two episodes of #WASHED have premiered.

After watching the first two episodes of #WASHED, I did question whether or not I really enjoyed my 20’s as much as I see other people enjoying theirs. I’m very intrigued to find out if Mark will be satisfied with the outcome of his 20’s and really endure his 30’s because I definitely plan to. Besides my own moment of reflection, #WASHED was nothing short of amazing. The actors were amazing and had me laughing from beginning to end.

Check out episode one(titled “Quarter-Life Crisis”) of #WASHED below and be sure to view upcoming episodes & more by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: #WASHED

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