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This month Black Talent TV celebrates Black History Month and Black Superheroes.  We also celebrate our Back Talent TV community. Every single black person that  struggled and fought to make positive change and open all doors for us is a superhero.  They had the calling to courageously stand up again injustice.  Without all their efforts where would we be?

Now its our turn.  We recently interviewed Kwanza Osajyefo on out podcast show Be in the Talk.  This brilliant comic book co- creator Of Black talked about why its time for us to control the narrative.You can check our the podcast here. His comic book Black recently got optioned for a film deal.  By controlling our narrative and telling stories from our Black experience we are helping other cultures to really understand the richness of our culture . We are enriching diversity  by sharing our voices through film and media especially in this country where the media and film industry have stereotyped us a people.  This has always been the mission of Black Talent TV… to allow filmmakers who control the narrative the opportunity to showcase their projects on our site. On Black Talent TV our filmmakers control every aspect of their content and delivery. 

Ava Duvenay said when the accepted the NAAAcp award for Entertainer of the year, “Now is our time.”  At Black Talent TV, we know Its time to share our collective brilliance, creativity and intelligence. The world is yearning for more great Black content and will want more after Black Panther releases.  

 Now is the time to recognize the super talents, superpowers and super gifts we all have. Join us in building a community of superheroes from this month on.


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