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So far, 2018 has been filled with new and exciting projects and one short film that plans to make waves is Two Strikes. Written and directed by Darnell Dudley, Two Strikes focuses on Markell, character that is in a very mad place in his life—his parents are going through a nasty custody battle, he’s coming to terms with his sexuality, and is in denial about it. He also rekindles a friendship with Haley, a girl who helps him in the right direction to be his true self. Two Strikes stars Nicole Watson, Keshaun Dees, Saranna Rotgard, and Natali de Assis, as well as Dudley in the main role. The short film sheds light on the struggles for being African American and part of the LGBT community—hence the title Two Strikes.

Judging from the trailer alone, Two Strikes looks like it’s going to be an amazing short film. .  The name and its meaning is just another perfect example. Already an experience actor, Dudley looks perfect in the main role. The scene of him crying in the bathroom is breathtaking. The actors who play Markell’s parents, Watson and Dees, are great as well. The one scene where they are arguing seemed very real and intense. While the short film doesn’t have a release date set, I will be one of the people who are going to be anticipating the chance at watching the project.

Check out the trailer to Two Strikes below and for more information on the film or Dudley, click HERE.

VISIT Darnell Dudley’s official website and FOLLOW Two Strikes on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Darnell Dudley




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