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Hosted by Symone Jackson

Outlandish’ is a web series about girls. So, kind of like ‘Girls’, minus the white feminism. 

OUTLANDISH is a mockumentary-style comedy that centers on the unfortunate circumstances life hands three very different women, and how their unusual friendship is entangled in their individual chaos.

Each episode focuses on the misfortunes, setbacks, and messy obstacles of a single character. Immediately, you will see the differences Nina (the sweet, yet unstable and lovesick one, played by Camila Florez), Cami (the free-spirited, levelheaded one, played by Kiah Alexandria Clingman), and Summer (the mellow, unbothered one, played by Jordan Sherley) bring to their friendship.

Creator Ariel Julia Hairston wrote Nina, Cami, and Summer loosely based on her own character flaws and life experiences. She originally wrote the first episode as a short film about Nina, but soon realized the lives of the other characters were well worth exploring. 

Ariel is a black woman from Atlanta, Georgia who strives to tackle the lack of representation of queer black women in media and the prevalence of bi-erasure. While OUTLANDISH features a diverse main cast, the series is comprised of primarily people of color. 

As the title of the series suggests, OUTLANDISH comes with its quirks and weird moments— and yet somehow, it remains eerily relatable.

OUTLANDISH had an exclusive premiere in Atlanta, Georgia at Get Scene Studios (451 Bishop Street NW) on February 15, 2018 at 7:30 PM. The series premiered on YouTube on February 20, 2018. 

For more information on Outlandish and Ariel Hairston’s platform Pashionistas, please contact: Ariel Hairston at or reach out via Instagram @beingoutlandish.

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