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According to the dictionary, a personality disorder is any of a group of mental disorder characterized by deeply ingrained maladaptive patterns of behavior and personality style, which are usually recognizable as early as adolescence and are often lifelong in duration. A new project plans to spotlight personality disorder in a different way. “Who needs me?” asks the main character in this interesting new short film/music video and with much disappointment, the answer to his question isn’t a nice one. Shot via Avon Wise Media, Disorder focuses on a man dealing with personality disorder and stars Errol M Wright/Doc Shinobi, Brynn Mosley, and Karolina Von.

Written by Wright, the first half of Disorder finds the main character being ridiculed by another man, in a dream world, who is basically himself—or the image of himself that he WANTS to be. After deciding to “pull the trigger,” the short film transitions into a music video and viewers are now able to see the REAL life of the main character. Just as he’s a great actor, Doc Shinobi is equally a great rapper and his words speak volumes in regards to personality disorders.

Check out Disorder below and be sure to view more content from Avon Wise Media by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Disorder/Instagram(@doc_shinobi)

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