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When life seems to be going good, most people ask, “Is this too good to be true?” Unfortunately, for the two main characters in this award winning short film, it is. Written by Devon Smith and Princess Bey, InSex is a short film which examines the boundaries of love, sex, and morality, and how these elements can wreak havoc in our relationships. Taya(Bey) is a successful young woman with a history of failed relationships and now she has finally finds “Mr. Right” and they prepare to build a life together. When she finds out a terrible secret about her lover, she’s forced to make a choice which tests her morals, integrity, and most importantly, her heart. Directed by Smith, InSex stars Bey, Omar Salmon, Melody Centeno, and A.C. Davison. InSex has been accepted to several film festivals and even won Best Short Film at the inaugural Black Web Fest in 2017.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to watch InSex right before they won at the 2017 Black Web Fest, and I was in awe at how amazing this short film is. From start to finish, InSex takes viewers on a journey. From each scene representing present day or the beginning of Taya’s new relationship, viewers are left trying to figure out story as its going. Viewers, like me, are trying to figure out what happened between Taya and Sean(Salmon) that would make her so sad. However, the ending has a huge REVELATION that made my jaw drop!

Besides a SHOCKING ending, InSex is definitely a MUST SEE for viewers. This short film has everything a great project would have—an interesting storyline, great acting, and a twist that leaves viewers speechless. InSex is also available for viewing on Amazon Video. For more information on InSex, make sure to LIKE their Facebook page by clicking HERE. For now, check out InSex below.

Photo Credit: InSex

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