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When it comes to being dumped, most people would agree that the feeling isn’t very nice. However, an interesting project plans to spotlight what it’s like when you WANT to break up with someone…but can’t seem to do it. Written & directed by Tyrone E. Blassingame, The Break Up is web series that illustrates the story of a young man by the name of Robert, who wants to break up with his girlfriend Alexandra but can’t find the courage to do so. Not all love stories have happily ever endings. This romantic comedy focuses on the new millennial relationship and its complications.

Based out in Philadelphia, Blassingame originally created The Break Up as a short film but due to high demands, he turned it into a web series. The project features Philadelphia based actors and actresses with great talent. The Break Up stars Charles Harris, Ja’Nell Hall-Ragin, Ronnie Baker, and Brittany Mckeithan as Robert Perry, Alexandra Hall, Peter Parker, and Gayle Gathers.

After watching the first episode, I have to admit that I became an instant fan of The Break Up. First, I love that Blassingame included beautiful shots of Philadelphia to make viewers, like me, wish we were there. Next, I think the actors were great, especially Harris as Robert. He genuinely made it seem like it is REALLY hard to break up with someone and to be honest, it REALLY is. Robert is definitely aware that he will be hurting Alexandra’s feelings and while he wants to avoid that, breaking up with her in any type of way is going to hurt her, even if just a little.

Check out episode one of The Break Up below and be sure to view more episodes of season one by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: The Break Up/Tyrone E. Blassingame  

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