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Even though Valentine’s Day is over, love is a feeling that lasts all year round and one web series proves that love is also unconditional. Directed by Joseph Goncalves, Unconditional Love is a web series that explores the ups and downs modern day romance between a gay, black couple. As they each face their own challenges, their love and faith is tested against all odds. Produced by Goncalves and Thomas Mason Jr., Unconditional Love stars Shaquan Perkins, Juran Lewis, Shawrod Heyward, and Kaedon Gray.

According to the official website, Unconditional Love explores the daily lives of this couple and the many roadblocks they face within their relationship. It explores their work lives, family dynamic, friendships, struggles, defeats, triumphs and the many ways they try to maintain a healthy relationship. The critically acclaimed web series just finished its second season and is currently in the early stages of the third season.

After watching the first season of Unconditional Love, I have become an instant fan! While the project focuses on a gay black couple, the trials and tribulations that Daniel(Perkins) & Benjamin(Gray) go through can happen to ANY other couple—man/woman and woman/woman. Love is LOVE and the highs and lows that come with it are meant to happen. Unconditional Love teaches viewers that communication is important and if both parties really love the other, they will work on communication.

Personally, I’ve seen Daniel & Benjamin’s relationship in a friend of mine. Though they were a straight couple, my friend and her beau went through the same thing—she worked in retail part time while he worked 40+ hours. She had more time to devote to him but he didn’t due to the constant pressures at work. Their work/life balance was off and that, topped with other rough patches, resulted in the end of their relationship.

As for Tasha(Lewis) & Nico(Heyward), I feel for them. Tasha makes it seem like their just friends with benefits but in that relationship, one party always wants something more. While she might like him, she’s been burned before and is still reeling from her divorce, whether she likes to admit it or not. Nico definitely cares for Tasha and wants to be with her.

Unconditional Love is a fantastic web series that highlights the joy and struggle that comes with REAL love. Goncalves has a real gem on his hands with this web series and I’m excited to see what comes next from this web series. Check out the season one trailer to Unconditional Love below and be sure to view all episodes of season one & two by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Unconditional Love

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