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When it comes to the topic of celibacy, most TV & film projects center around the women’s point of view and not so much from the other sex. However, a new web series plans to change that. Created, directed, and produced by Jessica Gold, The C-Word is a web series “based in the DMV area and explores the topics of celibacy from a male’s perspective, Christianity, and millennial dating. Nyle McClain is your typical 25-year-old man. He’s handsome and charming, but can’t seem to commit. After his life is almost flipped upside-down, he decides to make a drastic change—he becomes celibate! But will the ways of his past and the decisions he has made come back to ruin his ‘new life?’” The C-Word stars Patrick Pierre, Alexis Smith, Courtney Swinson, Tyree Brooks, Aarron Loggins, and Nichole Chimere.

After watching the first few episodes of The C-Word, I have to admit that this web series is phenomenal. I appreciate Gold’s choice to make this story about celibacy from a man’s point of view. While other situations might be different, Nyle’s(Pierre) experience resembles many other men. He deems himself as someone who’s NOT a one woman man and with temptations all around and his peers not understanding how this “ladies man” can change, Nyle’s struggle is inevitable.

In episode three, Nyle’s life is turned upside down after receiving life changing news through a phone call and he decides to go to church. In this one scene, Pierre does a tremendous job at giving Nyle some humility. Despite coming off like a womanizer with no regards for feelings, Nyle is basically at his lowest and asking for a help—or a miracle. This scene is fantastic and so raw! His commitment to NOT having sex anymore until his wedding night is so REAL that I found myself a bit emotional.

All in all, The C-Word is a great web series that keeps viewers anticipating what will happen next. Viewers tune in to find out if Nyle’s celibacy will last? Will he slip up? Will he finally become a one woman man and meet someone special? Will she be the one who he can propose to and marry someday? Will his boys truly understand his lifestyle? Will his past lovers become a road block on his journey?

To find out the answers to these questions, check out episodes 1-7 of The C-Word by clicking HERE and be sure to watch the season finale on March 20th. For now, check out episode one of The C-Word below.

VISIT The C-Word’s official website and FOLLOW the web series on Instagram.

Photo Credit: The C-Word



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