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Pennsylvania is has been the setting for many critically acclaimed TV and film projects, such as Groundhogs Day, All My Children, and Pretty Little Liars. However, a relatively new web series, set in Wilkes-Barre, plans to be added to that impressive list. Directed by Terrell Bobbett, The Barre is web series surrounding Amber, a woman who is abused by her long time boyfriend, Ace, and ends up at the end of her ropes. With nothing left to live for she gets the aid of Staxx, a local hustler who shows her the ins and outs of the drug game. With competition on their backs and a dirty detective getting closer to putting the pieces together, Amber realizes she’s playing a deadly game where few make it out alive. Written by Tetro Augrey, the hustle of other characters, like Bones and Rob, are highlighted. Season one of this American crime drama stars David Roberts, Lamar K. Cheston, Frantz Lecoeur, Alonzo Williams, Felix Omozusi, Matthew McCurdy, Logan Roberts, Imani Williams, Denise J. Reed, Mary Anna Millner, Ariana Chavez, Deshawn Wilkins, Brittany Boote, James Callahan, and Tamara Ilizarova.

After watching the first episode of The Barre, I became an instant fan! There’s a real grittiness to the web series that reminds me of many popular crime based projects, such as Power. However, there’s some humility to this web series in the form of the different characters and their storylines. With Amber, her reason in getting into this business is in regards to her becoming independent. The scene where Staxx showed her the basics of the business was really interesting and Amber is a quick learner. I’m excited to see the rest of her journey as she goes through the highs and lows within this business.

As for Bones, it’s clear that he’s a veteran in the game but someone who just made a HUGE mistake in the beginning of this web series. This mistake not only puts a target on his back but also proves that he might not be someone to trust as quickly as others. Lydia is somewhat of an innocent bystander who is lightly involved in the business but the result causes more trouble for her than she ever expected. Her brother, Conner, becomes more involved when he takes a liking to Amber.

Throughout the season, all of the different characters eventually intertwine with each other and things get very interesting. Foes become unlikely allies, deals are made left and right, and revenge becomes apparent for more than one character. All in all, The Barre is a fantastic web series that keeps you coming back to find out what happens next. Check out episode one of The Barre below and be sure to view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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