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Hosted by Symone Jackson

About Victoria Coker

Victoria Coker graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s in communication arts. Ms. Coker has more than ten years of design and marketing experience and has worked for organizations such as Carnegie Hall, Bric Arts Media, and Oxford University Press. In 2015, she started CLRED Media, Inc, a media tech company. The corporation’s mission is to promote diversity in media. CLRED Media is the parent company of a variety of organizations that push CLRED Media’s mission forward. Ms. Coker wants to amplify the voices of Black people and people of color in media. Three years ago she founded,, a video platform that primarily features web series created by black media makers. Last year, she launched the Black Web Fest, an event dedicated to celebrating Black media makers and digital content. Her latest project is Brandiin, a marketplace that connects brands and influencersof color. Her goal is to build a legacy to empower her community.

About Black Web Fest:

The Black Web Fest is an international event series that celebrates Black media makers and digital content. Our core themes are media, discovery, education, and technology.
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