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Throughout March 2018, Black Talent TV has been celebrating Women’s History Month with powerful interviews that spotlight talented women and two shining stars added to that roster are the web series obsessed hosts of Series-ly PodcastBrittany & Mary. For those who don’t know, Series-ly Podcast provides weekly recaps on all of the drama, love, scandal, friendships, and all around mess in regards to their favorite web series. In addition to Brittany & Mary’s hilarious commentary, special guests drop by to help recap the episodes as well. The special guests range from creators and actors/actresses to bloggers and other web series lovers. Some of the web series that Series-ly Podcast has covered are Tough Love, Makeup and Breakup, Situationships, Chef Julian, and recently Bug a Boo.  

Check out our interview with the ladies of Series-ly Podcast where they discuss how they started the podcast, who’s been their favorite guest, what’s next for them, and more below.

1-Growing up, did you both always know that you wanted to pursue a career in entertainment/radio?

Mary: Absolutely not, haha. Although we both enjoy television and movies we are both pursuing a career in the fashion industry. We met in college and shared out interests in the web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. From there, we would recommend shows to each other and pass hilarious notes to each other. We would have never dreamed that we would have our own show and hosting events but it’s a found new love and passion.


2-How did Series-ly Podcast come about?

Brittany: I knew I wanted to start a podcast because I was a point in my life where I was missing that creative spark. I was at work on a computer all day doing the same thing over and over. I felt the need to create something. I had the idea to start a podcast about web series because Mary and I were constantly passing notes to each other at work about whatever show we were watching and we would be cracking up! I just thought “this is gold right here, we need to make a show.” I knew there would be people out there that had the same questions, comments and concerns that we had about these web series, so it was important to create this outlet.

Mary: Yeah, I didn’t hesitate at all when she came to me with the idea. Brittany just said, “Let’s start a podcast” and I said “Ok.” We literally just started the following week and the rest is history.


3-What is it about web series that you both love?

Brittany: The stories and characters are so real, authentic and unapologetic. Especially when it comes to black representation, web series show that we are more than the typecast or stereotypes you normally see us as on television. We just love the dedication and commitment that people put into their content. You can always see yourself or someone you know in these shows.

4-What was the first ever web series that you both watched?

Mary: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. This is also the first question we ask all of our guests on our show. We get so excited when our guests say that ABG was the first web series they watched too!


5-What’s one thing about your podcast that you both believe keeps listeners coming back?

Brittany: I feel our listeners see us as their home girls that they can come to and dish about web series with. We love when people comment on our episodes and say “Yasss I was thinking that too!” I also feel our listeners enjoy getting the inside scoop and behind the scenes information we can give them when we interview creators and actors from their favorite web series.

Mary: Also, I think people find our honesty funny. We just give our honest thoughts on what happened in the episodes and I think our listeners have the same thoughts as us so that’s why they listen to us. We seriously are fans of the shows we recap so we mean no harm at all.


6-Who’s been your favorite guest to interview/recap with?

Mary: We love the guys from Beyond Complicated and so do the fans. It’s always good vibes, jokes and a whole lot of gem dropping from Sky James and Stephen Cofield Jr. when they come in the studio.

7-What’s been your favorite web series to recap?

Mary: We have YET to actually recap it on the show but Close Friends definitely started the notes in college. There were so many storylines and interesting characters that we never ran out of questions, comments, and concerns!

Brittany: Yes! But as far as on the podcast, Beyond Complicated was a fun show to recap because of the girls vs. guys conversations it started. Each episode stirred up a debate with our listeners trying to decide who was right in each situation, him or her? Covering seasons 2 and 3 of Chef Julian on Black & Sexy TV was a favorite to recap too—we had a lot of fun conversations with listeners on Twitter.


8-Who is your dream guest for the podcast?

Mary: Issa Rae! She’s literally the reason why we know of web series. Having her on our show would just make everything come full circle, she is truly an inspiration. She is the Beyonce of web series! Haha!

9-What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start a podcast?

Brittany: Find a niche market and make sure it’s something you are passionate about. That’s the most important thing—you want to create a podcast about a topic that you love. Research is important too. Listen to all of your favorite podcasts and take notes of the different types of structures and formats that way you can know exactly how you want your podcast to flow. Just start it! Don’t worry and stress about finding a studio or a network right away—that will all come eventually. We started Series-ly on a laptop in a conference room and we just grew from there.


10-What is NEXT for Series-ly Podcast?

Mary: We recently partnered with Black & Sexy TV, which was a dream come true because A LOT of our favorite web series are on that network. So it was amazing to work with them! This year, we will be hosting our own “Web Series & Chill” screening events which we will screen shows and create a dialogue with the guests. We want these events to be a place where web series creators and web series lovers can come together and have a good time. You can also catch us moderating more panels for web festivals and premiere events. We will post all of our upcoming events on our website Also, our new YouTube channel, Series-ly TV, will have all of our event coverage and exclusive interviews.

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Photo Credit: Series-ly Podcast

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