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About The Series

This series, based on true events, follows Charles Winter, who is struggling with his identity in society through working and personal relationships. Charles is an African American Man (27) who’s sleeping with Lindsey (20’s), a Caucasian woman. Not only are they dealing with the issues that arise from interracial dating, they also work together. In fact, they are each other’s biggest competition at work. Charles is the only black junior executive at the ad Agency while Lindsey’s father is the owner of the agency. Charles feels out of place. He’s struggling to figure out why he was hired. He knows he deserves the job but often feels like he was only hired to reach some kind of diversity quota at the agency. Meanwhile Lindsey has been this privileged girl who’s never really had to work for anything in her life. She’s hiding the fact she’s sleeping with a co-worker, the only black co- worker at that, but she’s mainly motivated to prove her father and everyone else around her wrong about her work ethic and intelligence. She doesn’t need her dads help for everything. She’s just as qualified for the position as anyone else.

Sofia (20’s, Hispanic) and Charles are old childhood friends who grew up and went to school together in middle and high school. They haven’t seen each other in a couple of years but kept in touch through Facebook. She randomly shows up to Charles’ Apartment one day and needs to stay with him. Charles senses something is up but doesn’t want to press the issue immediately. Sofia on the other hand, has a secret that she’s never told anyone, in which she’s gay.

Although Charles is sleeping with Lindsey, he secretly has feelings for Heather (20’s), a sexy ethnically ambiguous struggling actress and model who’s also a bartender. She’s been friends with Charles for about a year. Heather has no idea of Charles’ feelings for her, all this time she’s only seen him as a friend. Charles and Heather eventually go through the journey of realizing they are exactly what they want in a partner and eventually begin to have mutual feelings for each other.

Issues that plague the black community such as single motherhood, abortion, black entrepreneurship, discrimination and drugs, will also be explored in this series as well as dealing with issues that young people beginning their adult lives must face. We explore crucial issues and decisions they’ll have to make that will impact the rest of their lives.

Cast & Crew

Ronnel Ricardo Parham-Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Casting Director, Lead Actor. Jake Hunter-Director. Starring Jason Stuart, Elena Sanchez, Christins DeRosa, Jonathan Page, Astrid Castillo, Lisa Goodman, Ariane Andrew and Michael Litchfield.

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