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What’s a wingman? Is it a partner in crime? Someone to talk to? A drinking buddy? Or all of the above? “Wingmen” answers all these questions and MORE in this new web series about real friendships and shooting your shot from the writers of “Situationships” and the creator “5KNIVES!” Kar Logan plays Theo, the fast-talking bar patron, who frequents the bar scene with his friends Fatima, bartender extraordinaire, the married couple Jason and Lauren, and the obnoxious Shawn. The 6 episode comedy series highlights the fun parts of being a wingman, from giving first date tips to being supportive; and also highlights the down side of being a hopeless romantic. While Theo finds himself constantly helping others through their relationship problems, he is currently running away from his own. What happens when the time comes for him and everyone else to face their relationship problems (and life problems in general) head on? You can find all that out in “Wingmen” coming this summer! 

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