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Love Sex and Marriage(LSM) is hip new dramatic comedy webseries.  It follows four best friends as they navigate their way through the big city after college. They are looking for love in all the wrong places, dealing with drama and laughing the whole way through. LSM is directed by Tre Floyd and produced by Tre Productions.

The series centers on four friends; Ken (Rekio Thigpen-Holland), Vonte (Wendell Holmes), Andre (Marcus Jones), and Terrell (Savion Garcon). The series opens as Ken prepares for his first anniversary party with his boyfriend, Darren (Larry Phylle Carter) and enlists all his friends’ help. Throughout the season we notice that Darren may have a wondering eye and Ken may be a bit naïve.  Vonte, Ken’s self-proclaimed best friend, is the uppity but big hearted friend who is looking for love in all the wrong places but when he meets Dion, he thinks he may have found the one.  Meanwhile, Terrell, the promiscuous friend, is trying to sleep with as many people as he can including Dion!  Meanwhile, Andre, the young free spirited friend, is more concerned with borrowing his friend’s clothes and eating for free than actually growing up.

The four friends–all very different–manage to pull it together and be there for each other through arguments and fights.  However they all seem to gossip a little too much and not fact check with may cause a huge rift in the friendship and relationships.

The series can be found at Tune in and leave comments.

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