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It is without questioning that most, if not all, relationships—whether it is romantic or platonic—go through ups and downs. Like actual waves at a beach, relationships go through ups and downs and one web series that better exemplifies this analogy is Waves the Series. Directed by Shania Banton, Waves the Series follows Nia(Banton) and Jean(Sunny Shen), two sisters who have an estranged relationship after Jean becomes close with alcohol and partying, around the same time Nia was going through a breakup with her fiancé. A year later, Jean now returns to mend the relationship with her sister. However, she has a secret that will rip their relationship apart for good. Besides Banton and Sunny Shen, Waves the Series stars Kendrick Mitchell, Caroline Guzman, Justin Kirkland, Farrow Charles, and Leo Betancourt. Also featured in the series is Javon Rivers as Arbour.

Recently, the first two episodes of Waves the Series premiered and it was very interesting to say the least. Without any explanation, viewers are thrown into Nia’s world where it becomes apparent that she’s recently been hurt by a man and her emotional walls are up. On top of that, viewers begin to learn that she is a hardworking woman and a certified smart ass with some great comebacks. Jean quickly comes off as woman who always made friends fast and mistakes even faster. 

According to Shania, who also co-wrote the series with Cedric Banton, Jr., “Waves is telling a story, one that’s overlooked, and that’s the story about families and healing those relationships” and this is clearly shown in the first 10 minutes of episode one when Jean facetime’s Nia. Once Jean’s name is shown on her phone, Nia has an annoyed look on her face that doesn’t go away until AFTER the facetime session is over. Unfortunately, Jean makes matters worse when she decides to book a ticket to go visit and stay with Nia WITHOUT even asking her, ultimately ruining her date on the night of her arrival.

As far as Arbour(Rivers) and Tion(Kirkland) are concerned, both men seem to have won Nia’s heart. Despite both being a great distraction from her problems with Jean, there’s chemistry between Nia and both of these men. With Tion, the connection was VERY clear on her train ride home from work and even on the phone when he called. Even his “date” with Nia seemed to keep her on cloud 9. On the contrary, it took Arbour one or two tries to convince Nia that he wasn’t a stalker who moons women. But, when he finally did convince her, he gained major brownie points with Nia for his creative date.

All in all, Waves the Series is a funny, quirky, romantic, and sometimes dramatic web series that will keep viewers wanting more. Check out episode one of Waves the Series below and be sure to view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Shania Banton/WAVES the SERIES on YouTube


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