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The Black experience is varied and dynamic, but we don’t always see its dimensionality reflected in the media.

Nathaniel Kweku, creator of the web series “Growing Up Immigrant” is on a mission to change that with a cultural comedy that explores the nuances of first-generation Ghanaian-American experience

Kweku executive produced, wrote, and directed 3 of the 6-episode first season. He also stars as the title character Nicholas Ajayi. The series, also produced, edited, and directed by Daniel Trujillo revolves around first-generation millennial Nicholas Ajayi moving in with his more traditional Ghanaian aunty (played by Akuyoe Graham) and his brother (played by Peterjohn Minto). Through comedy and honesty, the series explores how identity affects family life, career choices, and romantic relationships.

“Growing up, people generally perceived me as black American, but when I went home, I was straight up Ghanaian and I wanted to create series to show that duality. Black Panther exposed the world to different facets of African experience that didn’t sensationalize the war, poverty, and corruption like other films and TV shows. And now that the door has been opened, my hope is that world is ready to see more diversified perspectives of what it means to be African in the 21st century,” says Kweku.

You can watch episodes 1-3 here ! And be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel- episodes 4-6 drop Wednesday, May 16th.

Episode 1


Episode 2

Episode 3







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