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Richard Kattah is one of Uk most exciting and gifted filmmakers, is ability to make gritty, edgy films that really tug on your emotions is what makes him one to watch.

About Little Drops


 Little Drops is an award-winning production company that thrives itself on high quality and engaging content. We work closely with individuals and businesses to ensure our content tailors to our client’s requirements.

The company prides itself in producing high quality content for clients all over the world.

Services include but are not limited to:

–          Feature Films

–          Short Films

–          Advertisements

–          Music Videos

–          Documentaries

Having worked on content in the UK and US, Little Drops is keen on venturing into other parts of the world, particularly Ghana, living by the mantra to “change the film industry in Ghana”.

Richard Kattah’s BIO

Richard Kattah, is a British Born Ghanaian filmmaker with a creative mind and passion looking to imprint his mark onto the Uk and African film industry. A visual arts student who completed secondary school in his native Ghana, he always had the ambition to become a filmmaker but never had the opportunity nor resources to pursue this dream. His creative visions surfaced when watching a film he would consistently question the clips/films and their anti-climatic endings. Visually he would imagine alternative outcomes and endings for the popular films that he would watch.

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