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With spring quickly coming to an end, a new project plans to take over summer 2018 with its film and soundtrack. Filmed on location in Phoenix, Arizona, Noxious is an independent romantic thriller that’s ready to generate some buzz in the entertainment world. This Vinark Motion Pictures production “follows a young woman named Kennedy, who finds out her boyfriend of many years has been unfaithful; with multiple partners. The same day she discovers, she is pregnant. When she seeks revenge, things get crazy.” Set for release this summer, Noxious is a Kevin Parkinson film starring Olivia Brown, Trent Uher, Lyric Donnell, Tyree Ballard, and Stella Nelson.

In anticipation for the project’s release, the Noxious film team is giving away 50 free tickets to the screening of the movie. According to the team, the “screening will take place the second week of June 2018 in the greater Phoenix area.” To sign up and be one of the first 50 viewers of Noxious, click HERE.

On top of the upcoming film, Noxious also has a soundtrack that is currently available and is streaming on platforms such as Spotify and Audiomack. Artists featured on the Noxious film soundtrack are Joyner Lucas, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Wess, D.J. Prince, and Cyrus Tha Great. For more information on Noxious, check out the official website by clicking HERE.

Check out the official teaser for Noxious below.

VISIT the official website for Noxious, FOLLOW the film on Instagram, and LIKE the film on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Noxious team

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