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Payroll is a new show about three young men who put everything on the line to pursue their very own music and tech festival. This is a look at what to expect in the new show that deals with the struggles that young men of color face in the entertainment industry.

 BTT: Tell us about your project. Why is important that this story be told?
 Payroll: Payroll is a story about three guys from Brooklyn who quit everything to start the largest festival of film and tech that the culture has ever seen. It really focuses on entrepreneurship, racism in corporate America, and many ideologies that young talented people of color face when trying to make something of themselves. Blacks are not always shown in the light of being involved in corporate environments, especially while also being privy to pop culture, so this story is great chance to show people we can be multi dimensional. 
BTT: How long have you been working on this project and where did your passion come from?
Payroll: We’ve been working on this project for about a year. Dennis wrote it last year and we started casting last fall. The story is full of real situations that either Dennis went through or we’ve seen in our friend group. At Campsight Studios we’ve always had a passion for storytelling and with a great writer on our team this allowed us to bring real world experiences to the forefront because we know there are others out there who have been through racism on a job or who have wanted to create something greater then themselves to get everyone they love on payroll. 
BTT: Tell us about your main  characters – in the show.
Payroll: It’s based around three characters: Jax, street smart drug dealer from Far Rockaway who brings grit to the group. Cam, fashionable and business savvy West African who grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts. And lastly the main character, being Dom, who is a combination of the business acumen of Cam and still can relate to the streets like Jax. The story follows Dom reaching his wits end in corporate America and convincing his friends to join him in his endeavor as their qualities compliment each other and you see their various flaws add drama through out. 
BTT: Who is your target audience and what do you hope viewers will gain out of watching Payroll?
Payroll: Our target audience are black young professionals. These guys are 20 somethings just figuring it out and we feel like this audience are consuming a lot of content and this is a program that they can see a lot of their own experiences in. A lot of our peers share the sentiment about wanting to start something so this is giving this audience a view of plausible dream chasing. 
BTT: Since the show is centered around a media festival, who is one musician you would love to have star in the show?
Payroll: We really see this as having the potential to have a ton of cameos through out of alot of popular artists, but we would definitely love to see a Childish Gambino cameo, especially with his big year in music and TV last year.
BTT: How long will each episode be? Would the festival only take place in Brooklyn or branch out to other areas?
Payroll: Each episode will be 30 min and we would look to have the festival in Upstate NY and possibly branch our in other areas later. We def want to throw the festival but we will talk more about that later on. 
BTT: Did you get any inspiration from any other shows or festivals?
Payroll: We have always been into festivals and had an idea to start our own, but definitely look at Afropunk and South by Southwest as inspirations. 
BTT: What kind of music/ film /would you like to showcase at the festivals?
Payroll: We would love to showcase all new up and coming artists in hip hop and rnb and provide a place for tech firms to showcase new products such as new Apple/Beats products. 
BTT: Why is it important that Payroll be picked up by network?
Payroll: It is important that Payroll be picked up because its an important story about real life events and needs that platform so it can be digested by diverse audiences across the world. It has something in it for everyone and a network would be great to get it the exposure it deserves. 
BTT: Which are you most excited about  in making the show?
Payroll: We are most excited to get everyone to finally see our show and gain all of the feedback. Its been a long time coming and we just feel like we are at the point where the world is ready for Payroll and we are ready to continue to grow with the show and showcase our vision. 
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