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In 2013, Hit the Floor premiered on VH1 and quickly became the No.1 scripted series for adults 18-49. For three seasons, the James LaRosa created series dominated the network with murder, romance, and amazing dance routines. For those who don’t know, Hit the Floor “explores the fame, money, power, and sex in professional basketball through the eyes of the LA Devil Girls dancers and the LA Devils basketball team.” With the show returning on a new network, Black Talent TV was lucky enough to interview an actor, artist, photographer, and poet who’s been part of the show from the beginning—BR Lamar.

Lamar has appeared on Hit the Floor since episode 102, playing 3 Fahey, a basketball player on the Devils team. Along with returning cast members like McKinley Freeman and Katherine Bailess, Lamar is back for season four of the hit series, which premieres on July 10th on BET. Below, check out our interview with BR Lamar where he discusses how he got casted on Hit the Floor, what fans can expect from the new season, what’s next for him, and more, as well as the trailer for season four of Hit the Floor.


1-Growing up, did you always know that you wanted to be an actor?

Growing up, all that was on my mind was making it to the NBA and giving my mother a better life. It wasn’t until after signing with the Lakers and then being cut 3 months later that I realized my true passion for the game was to entertain and perform. I realized my entire passion for basketball prepared me to become a great performer and communicator on the silver and TV screen. #Godspath


2-Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

My favorite actor is Will Smith & my favorite actress is Meryl Streep.


3-How did you first become part of Hit the Floor?

I actually started with Hit the Floor from the pilot as background. Through season one and two, I was featured a lot with the main cast and I worked my butt off to become greater at my craft. By season three, I got my first lines and my character was truly born. That hard work carried over to season four where I now co-star and am casted. 

4-Are there any similarities between you and your character, Fahey?

There are actually many similarities between my character, Fahey, and my real self. Fahey is a young 3 year NBA player who, like my real self, was grinding to make it to the top. Where it differs is Fahey is beyond confident and extremely carefree in which he lives the high life. In real life, BR is the same in confidence and drive but more to himself and less a party animal(lol). But the real similarity is the fact that God manifest what I truly wanted in life with the game of basketball on a television show where I could become what I dreamed in performance and entertainment instead of it being in the NBA where I would have been just another player in the rotation.


5-After three seasons on VH1, Hit the Floor is moving to BET for season four with new and returning cast members. What can fans expect from the new season?

The fans can expect the absolute jaw dropping drama they always love from us, as well as new and hot cast members who bring another level of sexy heat to the Devils nation! And, of course, the world will now get to meet FAHEY in his entirety this season.

6-If you got the chance to play any other character on Hit the Floor, who would be it?

I honestly believe the role and character I play is perfect because it has been my destiny all along. I don’t really ever try to project myself into other characters that I’m not playing because my craft is at its best when it’s organically purposed for me to play and, more importantly, a character that inspires—somehow or some way—the audience.

7-Out of all the photo shoots you’ve been part of, which was your favorite?

I would say my favorite photo shoots have been the ones where I am the photographer. Photography has been a great hobby of mines that has now turned into a fun and purposeful business-@BRphotography3.

8-What is your dream role?

My dream role is to play the inspiring, motivating, uplifting, and positively changing of lives, type characters that moves and brings the audience to another level of thinking to inspire the next.


9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue an acting career?

My advice is simple…“BReady and pursue your dreams with unwavering faith! Because being YOU is Being READY enough.” #BRquotes


10-What is NEXT for BR Lamar?

 The next for BR Lamar is to continue striving forward and manifesting my purpose through fatherhood, my films, and community efforts(BReady Big Brother Foundation). I also will be starring in my first feature film that I wrote myself, as well as another sports film I will be playing the lead in. And lastly, my documentary film that is due to release at the end of this year. And, of course, when season five for Hit the Floor is back, FAHEY will return. 

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Photo Credit: BR Lamar/Amirakal Marketing




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