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“One of the most beautifully told stories and exceptionally written scripts in the 2017 San Francisco Film Festival presents itself as a current-day Black love story…” It’s about a young man who’s devastated by his past and starts his life over in a new city trying to recover from what life has dealt him. The story line is authentic and unique and it felt like a breath of fresh air to be able to not telegraph what the many characters were going to say or do.” – The People’s Minister of Information JR, The San Francisco Bayview






A coming of age drama portraying the lives of a group of young adults from different walks of life. Together they embark on a journey of enlightenment. Boston2Philly chronicles the life of Rome ”Boston” Williams (Ralph Celestin) a young black male, struggling with his Identity and building real relationships in this new city after a tragic accident.

Co-Star Mia Mendez, a Philadelphia native and graduate of Temple University. Mendez joins the Boston2Philly cast with an already impressive on-air personality reputation from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Hartford, Connecticut. Most recently hosting the night show in her home town of Philadelphia as the First Lady of the Home Team & as the entertainment correspondent on BOUNCE TV/WMCN for The Detour Talk Show.

Over 300 Philadelphia artist, actors and professionals were involved in the feature film through supporting roles and extras. The First ever black Episcopal Church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Philadelphia is featured in the film. During the making of the film many tragedies occurred that played into the making of the project including the affluenza controversy, black lives matter movement and many other protests calling for racial equality. Adding to the Boston2Philly’s real-life authenticity our main actor Tai Birch’s son was killed, he plays the role of Coach George in the film.

The directorial debut of critically acclaimed Boston-based Film Producer Ralph A. Celestin. Celestin has gained notoriety among the Independent Film sector with an impressive list of Awards, including the Roxbury International Film Festival 2017 Kay Bourne Emerging Filmmaker award, Motion Picture Association of Haiti where Celestin won Best Film, The Las Vegas Black film festival where Celestin won Best Actor, Miami Independent Film Festival, Houston Film Festival, & San Francisco Black Festival. Celestin has also been featured in several major newspapers including the San Francisco Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe, and the Philly Art Magazine.

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