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Not long ago, Black Talent TV was fortunate enough to interview a talented woman whose star power is rising—Kerry-Ann Frazier. Co-owner of the community-based drama ministry KZFrazier Drama, Frazier is a playwright, director, actress, published author, and social worker who’s no rookie to the entertainment game. According to KZFrazier Drama’s official website, Frazier has “over 20 years experience in community and church theatre and has been acting, dancing, and writing since she was five years old. The company is 100% funded by the Frazier’s as well as community sponsors. KZFrazier Drama donates 10% back to the community to support Family Violence/Sexual Assault shelters, CASA Foundation, and March of Dimes.” Some of Frazier’s previous productions include Tempest, Losing Mama, and A Family Matter.

Frazier’s latest stage play is Sunday Dinner and, according to the press release, it stars Natasha Hartley of N-Harmone Music, radio personality Roland “Stewhype” Stewart, and stage actress L’Renee Tootie Hall. The play centers on Mama & Pop Solomon as they request the entire DuPont family to “come together for a traditional Sunday dinner. But what started out as a great idea quickly takes a turn for the worst as family secrets and philosophical differences come to light. You will laugh, cry, sing and laugh again with this amazing cast! There is also a guest appearance by national recording artist Zacardi Cortez.” The play has a ONE SHOW ONLY on June 30th in San Antonio, TX. F]or more information on upcoming dates, check out the official website by clicking HERE.

Check out our interview with Kerry Ann Frazier where she discusses Sunday Dinner, what audiences can expect from the play, what’s next from her, and more below.


1-At what point did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment world?

My husband and I started the company as a ministry—our passion turned into a business. It did not start with the intent to be a part of the entertainment world—it truly started as a way to impact, influence, inspire, educate, and empower the community using the arts. 


2-Who’s your favorite filmmaker?

WOW! That’s a huge question because there are so many! Steven Spielberg, Ryan Koogler, Spike Lee, George Lucas. 


3-What do you believe it is about your projects that make it so popular among the audience?

They are real heartfelt stories with humor. They are truly human interest stories that are impactful.


4-Which of your many productions has been your favorite?

I think Losing Mama has been my favorite because it is so impactful for all populations. It is a social and human interest story. It has so many dynamic parts that make me feel something new everything I watch the DVD. 

5-Currently, your play, Sunday Dinner, has a few upcoming shows, with one being June 30th in San Antonio, TX. How did you come up with Sunday Dinner?  

We came up with Sunday Dinner by observing our wild, wacky and huge West Indian Family. We looked at the dynamics and the fellowships and added in a few social issues that are common among black people.


6-What can upcoming audiences expect from Sunday Dinner?

FUN! Laughter, drama, dynamic singing and an amazing storyline. 


7-If you had the chance to turn Sunday Dinner into a film, who would you cast?

The very cast in the play, Idris Alba, and Sanaa Lathan. 


8-What is your dream project?

Working with Oprah on ANYTHING!  

9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in the entertainment field?

Just do it! Step out, leap! Write the vision, set a goal, plan and do it!

10-What is NEXT for Kerry-Ann Frazier?

Oh gosh—Summer Classic Project and planning for next year.


VISIT KZFrazier Drama’s official website for more information.

Photo Credit: Kerry Ann Frazier/Amirakal Marketijgk






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