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Brooklyn writer/producer Tachelle Wilkes, who is known for groundbreaking projects such as teen novel Amanda’s Ray, She’s My DJ Battles and the documentary Lady Beatmakers under her company Femmixx, is working with DAP Media Group to create “Sisters,” a series that highlights black women and sisterhood.

DAP Media is determined to create bridges between emerging talent and influencers in the entertainment industry. The company integrates media, talent, and production to provide creative content in the digital landscape. Their diversified team covers the full spectrum of being experienced, talented and knowledgeable.
“We are brilliant, beautiful and resilient women and together we are a force of nature,” Tachelle ignites. The project “Sisters” aims to show how black women continue to inspire each other and a nation around them. “Shared experiences make us greater,” she adds.
The connection between black women is awe inspiring and needs to be put on front street. When we come together in a sacred space – we move mountains. “Sisters” will show a series of compelling and grappling emotional messages about life that connects hearts, as we witness women and young girls who became victors. They tell how the valleys in their lives were transformed by inspirational women.