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A mix between Issa Rae’s Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Michaela Coel’s Chewing Gum and  Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, OUTCAST takes you inside the world of struggling performer Lisa Bobbins, who dreams of one day being a Broadway star, but as of yet, receives more eye rolls than accolades. From the creator:“Everyone talks about finding ones voice, but what happens when you do? The second part of that is getting people to listen to and understand your voice. In my experience as a performer, I have found that finding my voice was the easier part. We are told by corny memes and Hallmark movies to be confident with who we are and embrace what makes us unique, but as an actor I am constantly looking at breakdowns and listening to people that say I can’t be a part of a show because of how I look and who I am, regardless of my talent. I initially began writing this piece as an outlet for my personal frustration of trying to be seen for roles that actually showed my strengths and capabilities, rather than portraying a stereotype. Every single scene in this series is taken directly from real-life experiences. I held each situation up to a magnifying glass, turned moments into scenes and full production numbers and throughout the filming process, was thrilled to realize that this message of self-discovery and wanting to be heard was something that many people could relate to, regardless of race, sex, age or creed. It is my hope that through Lisa’s determination, others find the courage to dig deep within themselves, go out into the world and share their talents unapologetically, and instead of conforming to anyone elses standards, create their own.”

About Daisy Hobbs

Daisy Hobbs is an actress, comedian and content creator based in NYC. She makes history as the first actress of color to create, write, direct, produce, star in and compose the music for a digital series. Her popular music video parodies, including, “Drippin’ in Depends” and “Sex with Me is Mediocre” have been featured on Funny or Die. Daisy was in the Original Cast of “Disney’s Aladdin” on Broadway and is also an accomplished songwriter. Daisy received her Improv/Sketch Writing training from UCB and holds a BFA in Drama/Musical Theatre from Carnegie Mellon.


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