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Like sitcoms, many web series come and go and some are sadly gone with little to no hope of ever returning. As an ode to some of those web series that have been discontinued, Black Talent TV has decided to create a Flashback Friday(#FBF) list. In no particular order, below is a list of 12 web series that we wish came back for another season.

Dear Jesus(2012-2015)

Created by Danielle Scott-Haughton, Dear Jesus followed Mercedes(Linda Adey), a young fashion journalist whose life falls apart and she writes prayers to Jesus on her laptop to make sense of it all. Set in London, Scott-Haughton managed to create relatable and interesting storylines with all characters, such as Mercedes’ best friend Rochelle’s(Leonie Haynes-Moses) abusive relationship with boyfriend Wale(Kayode Akinyemi), Mercedes’ romance with David(Tristan Smith-Morris), her sister Alexis’(Samantha Earle) struggle to stay true to her criminal husband Jonathan(Courtney Winston), and Jade(Nansi Nsue) & Stephen’s(Michael Fatogun) plan to break up Mercedes & David. Even though Scott-Haughton ended the web series with a happy ending, it would be great to see where all of the characters are now. Are Mercedes & David still together? Did they have more children? Has Alexis started a new romance with co-worker Holly’s(Ruby Padwick) brother Gabriel(Scott Temple)? Are Jade & Stephen really gone for good?


Tough Love(2015-2018)

Set in New York City, Tough Love followed six progressive Black Millenials working to overcome obstacles along their career paths, while trying to get a grasp on their tumultuous love lives. From Alicia(Ebony Obsidian) & Quincy’s(Jordan Barton) relationship woes and Monica’s(Natalie Jacobs) attempts to move on from her “unofficial relationship” with Darius(Devin Coleman) to Jordan(Verina Banks) & Jackson’s(Bradley Clarke) navigation of the NYC dating scene with little to no luck of romance from their sometimes unworthy dates, Tough Love had so many relatable characters & storylines. Even when Monica did find the romance she always wanted with Jason(Malik Rashad), things still weren’t picture perfect. Creators Caleb & Roni Davis ended the Daytime Emmy nominated web series after three seasons and are currently working on a new & exciting project. However, as a true fan, it is only right that we wish there was more of Tough Love!


The Marriage Tour(2013-2015)

Have you ever heard of a marriage tour? Yeah, we hadn’t either. However, this David Tinsley created web series made us believe that it could be a real thing. The Marriage Tour focused on Denise(Chi’Von Golden) & Brian(Tinsley), a couple who have been together for four years, as they embark on a “marriage tour.” A marriage tour is where they visit other couples at different stages of their marriages—Kyle(Daren Dukes) & Laura(Tiffany Diaz), the couple who’ve been married for over seven years, and newlyweds Carmen(Jade Johnson) & Andre(Jerrel O’Neal). Also included in the marriage tour is Eddie(Keir Thirus), Brian’s divorced and single friend, who ends up falling for Denise’s friend Jessica(Lauryn Whitley). This web series proved that through all of the highs and lows, a true marriage can withstand anything. And even though the ending of The Marriage Tour was a happy one, it would be great to see the continuous highs and lows of each relationship/marriage and how they resolve them.


D.C. Yuppies(2015-2016)
Written & directed by Brandon Hairston, D.C. Yuppies is a B.E. Cre8tive Productions web series that chronicled “the lives of young professionals navigating promising careers, relationships, and the exciting nightlife of the Washington, D.C. Metro area(DMV).” Errin(Princess Ezeofor) & Jordan(Kelvin Terrell) were best friends but he always had feelings for her, despite her on/off relationship with Kenny(Armand Thomas). Jordan then fell for LaNay(Karen Elle) and it created a bit of awkwardness between them & Errin. However, this was only the beginning of the drama! Maurice(Antonio Harrison, Jr.) couldn’t resist outside temptation after being romantically linked to the always hilarious Kallandra(Toks Oriola), vibrant Deanna(Vishani), then later the ghost from girlfriends past Shawna(Sudria Twyman), and Rob(Charles Lee) was the man around town with his radio career but kept striking when it came to love. With equal amounts of comedy & drama, this web series was EVERYTHING. In addition, the season two finale of D.C. Yuppies left viewers with MAJOR questions that need answering!



From The Lyons Den to Bondage, writer/producer/director/actor Karlton T. Clay has created some amazing web series and while some are still going strong, others have gracefully bowed out. Of the latter, one of those web series is Karma, which originally followed the misadventures of Karma Jones(Ashley Black), a woman who is trying to find her way through life as she searches for love and purpose. She dated Jordan(Roderquize Chandler) until she found out he was married to Valerie(Natalya Johnson) but still couldn’t get over him. After season two, Karma Jones went to Los Angeles but the web series continued to follow the chaotic lives of other characters for the next three seasons, such as her cousin Melinda(Altina Menefee), who ends up in a messy love triangle with her husband Carl(Cedric Johnson) & ex-lover Derrick(Quincy Kelley). Also, Carl’s son C.J. falls for Valerie, Derrick’s sister Kellie(Shatareia Stokes) makes an unexpected couple of visits to escape her love woes with Antwan(Marquise Wilson, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper), and Brandon(Courtney Gray) struggles with his feelings for Karma Jones while getting himself in trouble with new relationships. Another season of Karma would’ve continued all of the crazy storylines that viewers LOVE to stay tuned for, as well as possibly give hope to seeing Brandon actually GO AFTER Karma Jones for once and all.



Written & directed by Dui Jarrod and Rhavynn Drummer, Brooklyn.Blue.Sky is BET’s first digital series that followed “two distant exes, Skylar(Jenelle Simone) and Blue(Michael Oloyede), who reluctantly decide to come together to create a pilot for a ‘Netflix and Chill’ TV show competition. Before they submit, they have to untie the binds that held them captive to their youthful. One thing, however, is for sure: SHADE is indeed in the forecast.” The last sentence proves to be true even in the first episode. Even with all of Sky’s convincing for both of them to partake in the competition, Blue responds with an intense, angered, and hurt “NO” each time. This ends up setting the tone for the rest of the season, with other characters like Giselle(La Rivers), Duncan(Roland Lane), Charisse(Nicolette Ellis), and others adding to the mix. Despite its success, there’s still no word on whether or not BET has renewed Brooklyn.Blue.Sky but we sure hope so!  


Black Boots(2014-2016)

Geno BrooksBlack Boots followed “Grant Boyer, a Brooks University freshman who is fascinated with joining a certain fraternity on his campus. But will the pledging process, chapter secrets and campus scandals break his will to be a part of an organization he has always revered?” Starring Courtney Burrell(Chef Julian, Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home), Myles Grier(The Fosters), Mike Strong(Vivica’s Black Magic), Jerrell O’Neal(The Marriage Tour), Michelle Mitchenor(Fox’s Lethal Weapon), Tanedra Howard(Saw VI), Moritz J. Williams(Giants), and many more, Black Boots was nothing short of amazing. On top of numerous scenes featuring how intense the pledging process can be, Brooks managed to add different romances, feuds, and scandals to keep viewers coming back for more. With an intense freshman and sophomore year, it’s only right that fans/viewers wonder if junior & senior year are just as intense, if not more.


Coming Home(2015-2016)

Written and created by Brittney Coleman, who also stars in the web series, Coming Home focused on Mahogany(Coleman) as she awaits the return of her man from prison. Along the way, she finds herself falling for Ryan(Rileek Smith). Executive produced by Duane Sequira & Coleman, Coming Home also stars Whitney Johnson as Zoe, Mahogany’s best friend who urges her to date Ryan and not wait for her man to get out of prison. This web series was so intense and emotional as Mahogany tried her best to wait for her man but feelings for Ryan overcame her. At the end of season one, there was some suspicion about Ryan’s true intentions and it remained that way throughout season two. It would’ve been great to have another season of Coming Home and finally see whether or not Ryan is truthful in his feelings for Mahogany or is he using her to get to her man? Also, will Mahogany’s man ever get out of prison and if so, what will happen when he finds out about Ryan?


How Did We Get Here?(2015-2016)

Written by Leon Mayne(Brothers With No Game) and directed by Olan Collardy(Life of Hers), as well as Mayne, How Did We Get Here? is an fantastic web series that chronicled the complicated love story between childhood sweethearts Imani(Kamara Bacchus) & Dewale(Sephan Boyce). In the very first episode, both Bacchus & Boyce are talking in the kitchen and their chemistry is very evident. The way they both looked at each other was nothing short of magical and kept drawing viewers in even more. The first season was actually in reverse order, with each episode going further back to key moments, and the season finale showing the sweethearts meeting up after five long years. Unlike the first season, the sophomore season was in chronological order and ended with Imani & Dewale getting hot & heavy on the couch…with her fiancé looking from the outside. A third season of How Did We Get Here? would be KEY to find out what happens—does Imani’s fiancé, Damien(Michael Gyekye), attack Dewale? Does he just ignore Imani from now on? Will Imani & Dewale finally get together?


Dating Savannah Love(2014-2015)

Set in Los Angeles, Dating Savannah Love centered around Savannah Banks(Donna Cerise), an editor for a bridal magazine, as she enters her 30’s and decides to try online dating. From a mama’s boy to a man with a pregnant girlfriend, Savannah’s dates ranged from bad to worse. Throughout season one & two, mailman Derrick(A.J. Davis) & Savannah had chemistry but the timing was always off. However, season two ended with them possibly starting a romance. But did they? A third season of Dating Savannah Love could’ve shown whether or not a relationship between the two would ever work out. Could they really live happily ever after? Did Linda(Angelica Katie) somehow come back to ruin things for him & Savannah? Also, did Savannah’s best friend & former assistant Valerie(Mandalyn Meades) live happily ever after with her fiancé and hopefully soon-to-be husband Brett(Sky Liam Patterson)? Did her mother Pamela(Gayla Johnston) finally find true love in her on/off again beau Steven(Benjamin Waters)?


Catching Feelings(2013)

With the success of Close Friends, YouTube channel 2kLifeTV decided to add a new web series to the line up—Catching Feelings. Written & directed by Ricky W. Jean-Francois, Catching Feelings focuses on Jordan(Gary Maurice) & Sha’rece(Stephany Petit), a new couple who have great chemistry. However, Jordan catches feelings for Sha’reces’ neighbor/rival Gaby(Dominique Ross) and things became even more interesting when his friend, Jeremy(Tre Miller) falls for Gaby and Sha’reces’ ex pops back into her life. After five episodes, the web series ended with a two shocking moments—Jeremy catching Sha’rece kissing her ex and finding Jordan in bed with Gaby! A second season of Catching Feelings would’ve been GREAT to see what happens next—does Jordan tell Sha’rece about catching Jordan & Gaby in bed together? Does he tell Jordan about Sha’rece kissing her ex? Does Sha’rece want to be with her ex instead of Jordan?


The Rules of Messin’ Around(2015-2016)/

Created, written, directed, and executive produced by Willie Robbins, III, The Rules of Messin’ Around focused on Lawrence(Mykie Fisher), a seemingly happily married man who is the role-model to his three bachelor friends—Pete(Percy Bell), Ronnie(Patrick James), and Jay(Orlando Cortez). Unfortunately, he finds himself involved with Autumn(Tamiko Robinson-Steele), a married woman, while his wife, Patrice(Nina Hibbler-Webster), is also having an affair of her own. During the web series’ two seasons, it seemed as through Lawrence was detaching himself from Autumn and trying to work things out with Patrice. At the end of season two, Lawrence still does NOT know that Patrice is having an affair with someone who’s been RIGHT in front of his eyes this ENTIRE time. If there was a season three of The Rules of Messin’ Around, Lawrence will have had to have found out the truth…but what would we do? Would he go insane on Patrice & her lover? Would he even fully admit his adultery?

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