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After an eventful first season, Teagen Rose’s Wade’s World is back for season two with more drama & comedy than before. For those who don’t know, season one of Wade’s World followed the “professional and crazy love life of fledging L.A. fitness trainer Wade Thompson. It may be his world but it’s clearly their rules.”

Season one of Wade’s World had so many great moments—from Wade’s ex, Vanessa, revealing her new love interest is a woman to Larry, his competition and former employee, showing up at his birthday party CLEARLY uninvited. The entire season felt like Wade’s life was consistently falling apart. Along with his fitness building losing clients, his love connection with client Angela quickly fell through and she even fired him despite her best friend, Doug, still being his client. However, the top moment of the season came at the very end when Wade and Latisha, his best friend, just started making out…as Lance, his business partner who’s sort of fallen for her, walks in. Uh oh!

So what happens next? Well, the season two premiere of Wade’s World literally picks up right where the season finale ended. In the episode(titled “Aftermath”), which is directed by Shea Harris, Lance walks in on a troubling discovery with Wade and Latisha, Kris and Vanessa realize they may not be on the same page, and Angela tells Doug about her firing Wade as her trainer. Season two of Wade’s World stars Teagen Rose, Jennifer Renee, Cris Sosa, Christina M. Ward, Melissa L. Williams, Dueal Andrews, and Brittany Noir. Check out the season two premiere of Wade’s World below and be sure to view more episodes, via 2kLifeTV, by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Wade’s World official website

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