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In early 2017, Blue Collar Hustle made its debut and instantly received major gratification from viewers. Comments under the first episode ranged from viewers stating that the message of this web series is great while others simply stated that this is “black excellence.” For those who don’t know, Blue Collar Hustle focuses on four young black men in Stone Mtn. GA – looking to change their fortunes and find their calling through art, music, and a bit of imagination; all the while juggling the everyday responsibilities of families, job security, and above all else—the reality of existing as black men in modern day society.” The web series managed to become official selections & win awards at multiple web series festivals, such as winning the Best Reputations of Communities of Color award at the 2017 Minnesota Web Festival. Blue Collar Hustle was also part of Black Talent TV’s Best Web Series of 2017 list.

Now, Blue Collar Hustle is back for a second season and ahead of the premiere on SeekaTV, the web series gained another win at the 2018 Minnesota Web Festival for BEST Returning Web Series! Judging from the trailer alone, this new season is going to be even better than season one. Season two of Blue Collar Hustle stars creator/writer/executive producer Alonge Hawes, Quentin Williams, Shani Hawes, Roberto Cruz, Tijuana Agnew, Howard Woodburn, Herman Spearman, and Amin Mims as young Ajani.

Recently, Black Talent TV watched the first few episodes of season two and we can assure that the fans/viewers are in for an AMAZING season. While not giving away any spoilers, season two of Blue Collar Hustle begins with a HUGE moment that changes the course of other character’s lives for the rest of the season! This moment was SO unexpected and out of the ordinary for this specific character.

The first few episodes of Blue Collar Hustle do NOT disappoint and show the growth, as well as new struggles, for the returning characters. Quan’s(Williams) rap career reaches new heights, Anthony(Woodburn) & Asha(Shani Hawes) deal with a new level of responsibility, and one aspect of Ajani’s(Alonge Hawes) life seems to be going in reverse, which also affects his family life with Anaya(Agnew). This season is definitely one of the books!

Check out season two of Blue Collar Hustle via SeekaTV by clicking HERE. For now, check out the trailer below.

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Photo Credit: Blue Collar Hustle

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