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According to the Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Robert Lee Griffin III, “Hard work pays off—hard work beats talent any day, but if you’re talented and work hard, it’s hard to be beat” and this quote definitely applies to Nelson J. Davis! An actor, model, producer, writer, and director, Nelson is a natural talent whose resume includes What Would You Do for Love, 24 Hours, The Counselor, and Lovers Lane—a successful web series via Victory Productions. Nelson is currently portraying Maurice Bond in the web series Bondage, which recently premiered its second season.

Recently, Black Talent TV had the pleasure of interviewing Nelson J. Davis and he discussed everything from what fans can expect from season two of Bondage, who his favorite actor is, what’s next for him, and more below. After, check out the season two premiere of Bondage.


1-When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment field?

I found out very young. I was in drama club in elementary school…I want to say in the third grade. I did my first play. I realized I loved acting and entertaining people but wasn’t crazy about “the stage”. So, I’d get my parents video camera, grab kids from the neighborhood, my cousins and whoever I could to make films. I wish we had the technology kids have now…we would have been dangerous back then. (Lol) But yeah, third grade, I started acting and knew being in entertainment was my dream.


2-Who is your favorite actor/actress?

I’m going to say Will Smith and that’s because it goes beyond his talent as an actor, so to speak, but he is a brand. I really admire that. He’s a great actor, but the whole package is goals. He also started off in comedy and I think it’s challenging to switch to dramatic roles from comedy and your audience takes you seriously in those roles. He has successfully done that.


3-What’s been your favorite modeling shoot?

That’s really hard. (Lol) I’ve done so many amazing shoots with so many great photographers. But I’m going to have to say a shoot I did on the beach wearing swim trunks shot by Gawaine Johnson. The shoot was always a dream shoot of mine and the images came out great. I also got some great feedback from it. It was one of my most successful shoots that wasn’t an implied nude shoot(Lol). It was so much fun doing that shoot. One of the images I had a Popsicle and it was like 98 degrees outside and it kept melting so we had to work fast. I’ll never forget there were women walking by watching us work and Gawaine would go “hey follow him on Instagram @nelsonjdavis” A few did right away(Lol).


4-Which project has been your favorite to film?

This is soooo hard!(Lol) I’m going to say The Counselor because filming that just gave me a new feeling. It was the first time I had ever written a series and bringing the character I played to life and then watching the other actors bring characters to life was amazing. I’d be talking to myself like “I wrote that?” I have a few close seconds though.


5-Besides acting, you’ve dabbled in writing/producing/directing. Do you see yourself doing more of that?

Absolutely! I’m actually doing that right now. I just finished up writing a script for a feature film titled Protege I am starring in as well as executive producing and directing. I’m also finishing up on a couple more scripts I plan on doing the same with…all about creating opportunities for myself and others.

6-What can fans of Bondage expect from season two?

They can expect even more layers–from all characters. No one is one dimensional in real life. Bondage really takes it there and shows that in season two. Expect a few things that are two be expected and a whole lot of things shocking & unexpected.


7-Are there any similarities between you and your character, Maurice Bond?

There are definitely some similarities between me and Bond. Bond is all about family and doing what it takes to help his loved ones be ok. He has a good heart. I’m not afraid to say we both might have a strong sex drive and sexual appetite(LOL). Mine isn’t as extreme as his though.(Lol)


8-What is your dream role?

I want to do action. I want to play a spy or an assassin. Not just some one going around doing all that cool stuff–but with a story and a purpose.

9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a modeling/acting career?

Tunnel vision. Set the goal and keep looking straight ahead. Create long term, short term goals and milestones that are going to help you get where you want to be. Keep positive people around you–get rid of negativity ASAP. Believe in yourself no matter what.


10-What is NEXT for Nelson J. Davis?

I am working on several movies I’m starring in and a few series as well. I will definitely continue acting and modeling but also do more of the business side and do more producing.

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