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After two seasons of his hit web series The Student Body, writer/director/editor Christian Smooth decided it was time for a little change. Over the course of the first season, the daring web series about college life at the fictional Nagrom State University, a fictional University in Baltimore, managed to cover everything from a teacher being too “close” with the students who are failing her class to a young woman pledging a sorority. After episode six, The Student Body focused on Xander Nichols, a man whose life went from good to bad real quick. To cure all his problems, he decides to contact Dream Visions, who take matters into their own hands but in the WORSE way. After a few dead bodies and shocking revelations as to who else is part of Dream Visions, Xander got his revenge.

Instead of bringing The Student Body back, Smooth decided to create a whole show focused on the latter storyline—Dream Visions. This spin off web series picks up where it was left off two years ago, with Xander in Miami and shocked to find out that people are still being snatched off the street in his hometown for their organs via Dream Visions. However, the final straw for him is when his friend, Chauncey, gets snatched during a live broadcast and Xander decides to rescue him. With cinema photography by Kinta Thomas, Dream Visions stars Cory McGhee, Dymarcus Cooper, Savannah Plenty, Trebien Parker, Matthew Parker, Keith Gresham, Jeff Tegeler, Unique Lowe, Michael Powell, Nathan Adamus, Steve Fox Lee, Asia Marie, and Asia Branch-Wallace.

Fans of The Student Body and the Dream Visions storyline are in for a treat with the Dream Visions web series! Even though last season ended on a somewhat good note, this season proves that the madness is NOT over. In fact, the first episode of Dream Visions immediately grabs you in as it’s a live broadcast via Instagram but it ends with a bang. Check out the first episode of Dream Visions below and be sure to view all episodes of this Smooth House production by clicking HERE.

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