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Regan is most well known as one third of the Pop and R&B girl group Urban Xtreme. The group first rose to fame performing on Disney Channel’s Make Your Mark for the television show Shake It Up. In 2017 she became the first female rapper to become  a member of Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse. She first began performing in third grade and with the help of her mother and sister, she began winning numerous dance and drill team competitions.

Regan’s main passion as a performer is personal, socially conscious spoken word poetry, which she proved by introducing herself as a Mouseketeer with a piece celebrating the kids of the modern era who can demonstrate some hustle.
Far from the first of her family to be artistically inclined, Regan is actually a fourth-generation entertainer whose grandparents were members of a funk group called the Honey B’s. She’s also the niece of Justice Smith, star of Paper Towns, Netflix’s The Get Down, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. She has a history of putting her skills to work with her family, sometimes posting awesome videos of super-fun, high-energy dances that she’s done with her talented mother.




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