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Not too long ago, Black Talent TV had the pleasure of interviewing a talented individual whose resume looks more and more impressive with each new project and this shining star is Keith Arthur Bolden. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Keith obtained his Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Illinois. Besides being an actor, he is also a director and professor Theatre and Performance at Spelman College. Some of Keith’s many projects include The Bobby Brown Story, Being Mary Jane, and Mile 22 with Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey. Keith can currently be seen in Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House and the BET original movie Her Only Choice, which also stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Denise Boutte, Leon, and Elise Neal. You can view Her Only Choice via by clicking HERE.

Check out my interview with Keith Arthur Bolden where he discusses what viewers can expect from The Haunting of Hill House, Her Only Choice, what his dream role is, and more below.


1-Growing up, when did you first decide that you wanted to be an actor?

I think I always knew deep down inside but I never knew what it was until I got to college at Fresno State. It was there where my inner artist was discovered and nurtured. It was there that people saw a talent in me that no one ever did in LA and it was there that I was encouraged to pursue my master’s degree in acting 

2-Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Denzel is always at the top of the list. I have seen all of his work and I cannot say that about every actor. But I have to say that New Zealand actor, Cliff Curtis, is one of the most transformative actors working today. There is nothing he cannot do. I put him in the same category as Meryl Streep, and it is the kind of acting I respond to.

3-You’ve guest starred on many TV shows. Which experience was your favorite?

I have to say it is between Black Lightning and Underground. It is amazing to be a fan of a show and then to be cast in roles that are significant on these two shows—these shows that mean so much to so many different people for a myriad of reasons. In both series, I portrayed characters that were icons to their communities…leaders. To earn the honor of playing these two men is an experience I will always treasure.


4-Out of all the films you’ve done, which was your favorite to film?

The first film I did was called More Than a Woman…you can’t find it anywhere, it never got a distribution deal but it was the most fun. I was the lead in my first film ever and we shot it all over New York, mostly Queens, guerilla style. I saw then that I was making some choices for camera work that made since. Because up to this point, I had done mostly theatre work and my theatre acting muscle was really strong. So, I was encouraged by the work. I also made some great friends who have since become family on that shoot. Who knows, as my star continues to ascend, it may find the light of day

5-One of your new projects is The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. What can horror fans expect? 

Horror fans can expect to experience an amazing family drama that happens to be set in a Haunted House. The script is amazing and the talent is off the chain. Don’t give up on it in the first episode. It starts off slow but that is the set up…..prepare for great old school scares.


6-Another one of your new projects is BET’s Her Only Choice. How did you get the role?

I got this role through producer Brett Dismuke. We are also fraternity brothers. I have firsthand experience with my mother who lost her battle with cancer two years ago and he knew that I could tap into that experience to play the role of the empathetic doctor.

7-What can fans expect from your character, Dr. Lopez?

Fans can expect to meet a doctor that we all wish we had at one time or another. A doctor who says “I am here with you and for you” and that insurance is not the end all be all…a doctor who listens and doesn’t dictate.


8-What is your dream role?

My dream role is to play the villain in a television series that spans over seasons. To have an arc for that type of character so that he believes his choices are justifiable. I want to play a villain that that the audience can relate to and sympathize with.


9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue an acting career?

Train, train, train, train. Get into a class with a good teacher, not just an actor who is working and don’t chase the job….enjoy the opportunity, whether you are paid or not.


10-What is NEXT for Keith Arthur Bolden

I am directing Hands Up which will premiere at Morehouse College Oct 24-26 and it’s free. I have a recurring role on BET’S American Soul that premieres in February. I will be acting in a play called Fetch Clay, Make Man at Dallas Theater Center Dec-Jan and, in February, I head to Triad Stage to direct Two Trains Running in North Carolina. Finally, I will be directing Piano Lesson at Spellman College in April of 2019.


VISIT Keith Arthur Bolden’s official website, FOLLOW him on Instagram, and FOLLOW him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Jason Lockhart




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