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After a successful freshman season that hit just under a million views, RepDatTV‘s The Balcony returned for a second season that did NOT disappoint. For those who do not know, The Balcony is a reality discussion web series that captures the “everyday” conversations of the residents of a vibrant block in south east London. The Balcony explores a wide range of taboo and controversial topics throughout the entire episode with no topic left off limit. The project is essentially a combination of Googlebox & BKChatLDN, both critically acclaimed shows, as well as The Only Way Is Essex, an award winning reality series.

Besides its accomplishment in hitting just under a million views, The Balcony managed to garner other accolades during its first season. The web series was featured in multiple national online blogs, invited to the Lewisham Youth Conference in London, and did multiple radio station interviews. On top of that, The Balcony also managed to be nominated for Best Online Reality Talk Show via the Screen Nation Awards. With this amount of success came the opportunity for the web series to progress. After speaking with streaming services, major TV stations, and online platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and BBC, The Balcony decided to collaborate with SBTV, a platform to discover and break emerging artists, enjoy your favourite acts and unearth incredible talent.

Season two of The Balcony features Laura Alicia from the U.K.’s Ex on The Beach, who moves in for the weekends with larger than life Imarnny and encounters some of the more colourful characters, such as LV General and 2 x Bobbi. Also added to the mix are originals like “Queen Bee” Tra Ann and Amanda and some new residents, such as Isaac the “philosopher and “bad gyal” Fiona from Birmingham. This cast is SO bold and intellectual. Everyone has an opinion and is NOT afraid to share it. Check out season two of The Balcony by clicking HERE. For now, check out the season two premiere below.

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Photo Credit: YouTube(SBTV)

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