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Zachariyah Productions continues to prove that Dallas, TX is where the DRAMA is at with the newest season of The Inner Circle: Dallas. For those who don’t know, The Inner Circle franchise is created by Zachariyah O’Neal and began with The Inner Circle: Houston. Not long after, #InnerCircleDAL came onto the scene then O’Neal decided to merge the two casts to form The Inner Circle: Texas. Season two of #InnerCircleDAL premiered right after, which manage to created more rumors, arguments, and beef than ever before.

After a two year hiatus, O’Neal has brought #InnerCircleDAL back for season three with new & returning cast members. Veterans Khristina & Darius are back but despite their shared title of being OG cast members, they still manage to butt heads even worse than they did in season one. Joining these two for season three are Amber, Ashley, and JoJo—all of whom manage to create rifts with the veterans and even amongst each other.

If you haven’t watched the show before, below are THREE reasons why you should watch season three of The Inner Circle: Dallas.

1-Both the Veterans and the Rookies BRING THE DRAMA

The season three cast of #InnerCircleDAL is just perfect because there’s drama around almost every corner. The season begins with a typical division–Veterans vs. Rookies–due to the instant drama between Khristina & Amber. Even before that, newbie JoJo wasn’t very excited to meet the OG queen from watching past seasons of the popular web series. Defending his friend, Darius wasn’t a big fan of Amber’s as well.

However, this isn’t the ONLY division that happens on season three. Khristina & Darius go at it very early in the season after he reveals something personal about Khristina to JoJo. To say that Khristina was heated about this is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

On top of that, tension between the three new girls quickly began when Ashley held a get together at her house. Besides inviting the OG’s, she invited one of the new girls and purposely not the other. As expected, the other new girl came and Ashley was NOT happy.


2-The Cast Goes Through Real Life Drama

As most reality TV fans know, a reality show ends up catching at least SOME of your life drama or what the participants show. Unfortunately, sometimes real life drama flows over onto the show. As far as the #InnerCircleDAL is concerned, Khristina’s personal life was front and center. A situation involving her boyfriend quickly made waves at the beginning of this season.

In the past, there was a cast member whose life personal life changed and rumors about his new lifestyle became the topic of conversation among the cast.


3-The Reunion Is Going To Be CRAZY

Even though I haven’t seen the reunion at the moment, I’ve heard some really interesting things about what happened. Apparently, one of the cast members does NOT even show up to the reunion. Also, the arguments amongst the cast is going to be insane! A threat was apparently made during this season and someone is due for an apology! To find out who, check out season three of #InnerCircleDAL by clicking HERE.

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