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Leon Robinson, a multi-talented performer, continues to please his fans and sway newcomers with his memorable performances as an actor and singer known for Cover (2007), Little Richard (2000) and The Temptations (1998). His roles in TV shows and movies can also be seen in The Flamingo Kid (1984), Colors (1986), Waiting to Exhale (1995), Side Streets (1996), The Price of Kissing, Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored, The Five Heartbeats, Resurrection Blvd. and many others. He has also played in theaters and is currently the vocalist of band Leon and the Peoples.

As well as having a number of film & TV projects in development, Leon co-stars & executive produces the international TV series40 & Single  which is on UMC. Leon also stars in the provocative new series “A Luv Tale”. Leon is currently on a successful film festival run supporting his political satire short film “Make America Black Again” which he produces, directs and stars in for his NYC based Motion Mob Films.

Check out Leon’s album “Love Is A Beautiful Thing “ which was released in July.


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