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As a premier expert in the art of positioning females to recognize and maximize their potential, author, entrepreneur, and speaker, Lakara Foster is Founder of She Speaks!, Institute For Women, an Atlanta-based 501c3 Non-profit organization that provides tools, support, and a voice to those seeking a more powerful existence. She Speaks! Institute For Women, Inc. provides retreats, workshops, seminars, coaching, and mentoring programs focused heavily on relationships, love, life, and spiritual development. Lakara has always had an abiding certainty that she has a very rich, very specific, and very rare calling on her life. She has always been aware that she is here on divine assignment, however, she admits that she was not always faithful to this appointment.  But, one specific moment forced her to commit to the mission her spirit was assigned at birth.

In 2001, Lakara Foster sat directly across from Oprah Winfrey as a guest on her talk show. The show was titled The Turbulent 20s and focused on young women who were experiencing what had been aptly termed The Quarter-life Crisis. They were confused about their purpose and when they would begin to walk in their greatness.  Oprah looked each young woman squarely in the eyes and gently said, “The problem with your generation is that you all are not connected to ‘The Source’, but once you get connected, all of your questions will be answered.”  That divine meeting in 2001 provided Lakara with ““WHAT” she needed to do to achieve greatness. Today her personal mission is to show women “HOW” to achieve greatness.

  You can see Lakara in her own web series called The Gift.


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